A Quibblonian Christmas Story

A group story written by Myself and HermionesEVILtwin featuring current Quibblonians (2014-early 2015) throwing a huge holiday party. All credit for poetry used in the following chapters go to their rightful owners, not us, being so that we only changed the wording.

Chapter 1

In Two Days Time

Frosted days and snow flurry nights,
Willow trees adored with tiny lights,
Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
This was only hours ago

Writers on sleds and screams of glee,
Quibblonians waiting patiently
Blank papers and candles set aglow,
Part of the common rooms below

Footsteps sneak stealthy down the stair,
Surrounded by snoring paintings floated in the air
House stockings hanging in a row,
The table tops with a fresh coating of cookie dough

I slip my legs out from under burgundy sheets and run the bottoms of my feet along wooden floorboards. I could both hear and feel the mattress give little squeaks in protest upon sliding off; attempting to balance my weight into both the floor and the bed. I was the middle bed out of the three in the room, sneaking around was beginning to be an expertize of mine. I was roommates with a fire-headed first year with a bit of a vampire appearance and a knowledgeable but sassy fourth year, it couldn't be all that hard anyway.

The Gryffindor lion roared from its tapestry in the front of the room, threatening to bear down on the decorated walls in a clash of power and honor. On either sides of the fabricated mural were short, carefully scrawled writing quotes, on one side read " Writing is the painting of the voice... " then shifting to the other side and continuing, " ...All you have to do is write one sentence, write the truest sentence you know "

*Rain(doublerainbowe), the first year, shifted slightly in her bed. I wrap my house's scarf around my neck over my worn brown cloak

Quickly lifting the lid of the trunk at the foot of my bed I grabbed some festive strings, Red and Gold ribbons, six rolls of cookie dough, along with a few extra materials just in case- a Anti-Gravity Hat, two Decoy Detonators, and small box of Wildfired Whizz-Bangs

Curtsy of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes of course!

Winds carrying snow and sleet crashed against the walls and battered against the windows, a large pile of white rose like hills along the ledge outside. I could hear some of the planks creaking with even the slight amount of extra weight. With everything on the floor I managed to shut the trunk without much of a problem, with a shuffle I began to plot my escape out the door without causing much of a fuss.

" Hi!!!!!!! " An excited voice whispered into my ear. My head whipped around seeing Rain standing in her pajamas- exactly like mine - very close to my face with a slightly crooked smile and eyes closed, " You just hit me in the face with your hair "

" Go to sleep!! You need rest for your Q.U.I.Z.'s!! " I urgently whispered, quickly collecting the things in my arms and making steps towards the door. She began to take some of the cookie dough cans and follow in pursuit.

" Well you do too but look what you're doing! Who are you meeting? What's up with the hat? How many cookies are you baking? Can I hel-- " I heard Alexis(Alexis117), the fourth year, stir violently in the bed sheets, she would wake up soon.

" Yes you can help, now keep quiet and hold onto the hat, " I stuff everything under my cloak and grip the rim of the hat tight as we begin to rise to the ceiling, Rain nearly lost her hold grabbed the top at possibly the last second uttering a small scream, " Shhhhhh!! The dead is rising... "

Alexis muttered one of her famous group stories and the lights around our dorm reviling two empty beds beside her, sheets and drapes strung everywhere with a few of my socks on the floor that were hiding in my covers the last few months. Almost as if she had some psychic connection to the hat, the fourth year glanced up and locked eyes with both of us dangling from the ceiling by the rims of our hats.

" Are you keeeding me? " With a roll of the eyes, " You'll have to do better than that if you want to avoid Professor Kinney(Mark_McKinney). He'll hunt you down and make a poll outta you. "

I gave the best innocent smile I could manage hanging 30 feet in the air, " Mind going back to bed and forgetting we ever left? " I tilted the hat slightly and Rain and I began our descent.

Alexis clicked her tongue, " Gladly. " The lights extinguished themselves as we touched base on the floor again. She fell back into her bed after muttering something about links and red souls.

I glanced at Rain, " Get your cloak and scarf, we have people to meet, and mischief to manage! "

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