A story of girl like me-----Poem

Inspired by the movie A little princess

Chapter 1

The Black Rose

It seems a story of years ago
but no, it's like the present too
a story of a girl just ordinary as you
a story of girl like me
I was born as a bud
under the shades of my parent plant
never knowing what colour i would grow into
love i got, like in fairy tales
like happily ever after, enough to spoil me
and then i grew i grew i grew
into a black spiny rose
the sun hid behind the shade of tree
i couldnt see the light
yeah i came in to darkness
i was there alone, nobody could see me
some did, but thought the spines are bad
they only saw the spines,
not the smooth of my petals
i made mistakes
took wrong paths
made wrong decisions
and still i am facing the results
time comes to face depressions
although i know never to be hopeless
but ''life'' made me hopeless
my wishes, my dreams, snatched from my hands
but my petals never faded
still people saw the blackness of my petals
not the beautiful smell they gave
i met traitors, backbiters, liars
i was betrayed, yet my friends say how do I survive?
i just shrug and turn around
i was stupid i was mad i far from the truth i was innocent
the dew on my petals were my tears
and then the lark came
brought smile to my lips
the leaves of the tree fell
and i saw sunlight
though the light hurt my eyes
Now i see better, now i am clear
Now i have lost the ability to cry
even if i want to, i cant
I have all the love i needed
i have all the miracles i wanted
now the world love black roses
and those who dont,
well...who cares?
world is filled with magic, the wonder, the hope
no its not a fairytale, its the truth.
never loose hope
God always listens
make a bond with Him
He answers just like He did to me
I dont speak without experience
there are ups and there are downs
but dont let the challenges win
this is life, and you've got control
this is a test, and you gotta win
after every story there is a happy ending
people change with time
after all, there is a phrase:
happily ever after

moral: even black roses are beautiful!


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