Mea Culpa (A Harry Potter Group Story)

What if you were a muggleborn coming from a religious family? This is what Erynna Bateson goes through when she goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As if friends and school wasn't enough!

Group story with (Elizabeth). Researching and Religion Consultant (Jackie)

Chapter 1

Asterea Bethany

The day Asterea and Nigel Bethany had been waiting for was finally here: September first. They were finally going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Asterea had waited for this since her older brother David had gone six years previously.

“Be good you two,” their mother fused at Nigel and Asterea as they ran towards the magical barrier at King Cross Station. Nigel adjusted Addy, their shared barn owl’s cage before he ran towards the barrier. Then David went. Then their mum. Then Asterea went before their dad.

After a long goodbye with tears from mum the three Bethany children boarded the train and headed their separate ways.

Asterea sat in a compartment with three other kids, who were huddled together in a sotto voce conversation. They didn’t say anything to her so she pulled out her book and started to read.

She wasn’t far into her book when the compartment opened, showing a tiny redheaded girl. “Can I sit here?” She asked somewhat nervously.

“Of course,” Asterea said dreamily. “What’s your name? You look like a Katerine maybe.”

“I’m Erynna but that’s what my mother wanted to name me actually,” Erynna smiled before sitting across from Asterea and next to the huddle of giggling friends.

“I’m Anthony Ricket,” one of the boys introduced himself. He had dark brown hair and kind eyes. “This is Jason Swann,” he indicated the other boy. “And this is Tabitha Bainbridge,” he indicated the taller blonde girl. “What’s your names again?” he asked with a beam.

“Erynna Bateson,” Erynna returned the smile and held out her hand to shake which Anthony accepted.

Asterea closed her book. “Asterea Bethany,” she said with a small, warm grin. “You have a lovely smile,” she told Anthony. At this Tabitha fought to hide a smirk, which Asterea missed.

“You do have a ‘lovely smile’ Anthony,” Jason broke in. “Don’t you think so Tabitha?”

Tabitha stopped smirking and blushed a deep red. “I suppose so,” she mumbled. “So, uh, what houses do you guys want to be sorted into?”

“I don’t really know,” Anthony said easily. “I suppose any would be fine, I’m just excited to get to go.”

“Ravenclaw,” Asterea pitched in. “Where learning never ceases!”

“Want to study together?” Tabitha asked quickly.

“Maybe,” Asterea said. “What house do you hope to be in Tabitha?”

“Slytherin,” she gave a small smile, “success is always a good thing.”

“Why would you want to be in that house?” Jason broke in sounding horrified. “Gryffindor is obviously the best!”

“If you want to be a loser and a failure at life,” Tabitha retorted furiously.

“But Ravenclaw would also be a good house for success,” Jason suggested before turning to Erynna. “What house do you hope to be sorted into?” he asked her.

“What’re each of the houses like?” Erynna asked, “I didn’t know that there were houses, I just thought it was a school of magic.”

“Well there are four,” Anthony explained. “Slytherin is for the ambitious and cunning, Gryffindor the chivalrous and brave, Ravenclaw for the open-minded and learners, and Hufflepuff for the patient and hardworking. Make a little more sense now?”

“Well then I wouldn’t mind being in any of houses, they all sound good!” Erynna beamed.

“You and Anthony seem like you would be in the same house,” Asterea remarked. “You just seem similar.”

“So exploding snap?” Anthony asked. “Do you know how to play everybody?”

“How about ‘truth or dare’?” Jason provided. “It’ll be fun.”

They all agreed and Jason was the first to go. “Tabitha,” he said mischievously. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Tabitha said after careful consideration.

“Who would you kiss in this compartment?”

“Nobody, you’re all weird. Anthony, truth or dare?”


“If you had to kill one person in this compartment who would it be?” Tabitha asked deviously. Anthony’s face was one of pure shock.

“Nobody,” he stuttered. “What kind of a question is that?”

“You have to choose,” Jason told him.

“Tabitha didn’t,” Anthony pointed out.

“Well you aren’t Tabitha,” Jason said. “Choose.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“Choose, we are peer pressuring you,” Jason practically growled.

“Fine,” Anthony snapped. “Tabitha because she asked the question. Jason truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Jason decided without thinking. “Bring it.”

“I dare you to wear a kilt.”

“Or a skirt?” Jason asked. “I mean who randomly has a kilt in their trunk?”

“I do,” Erynna pulling her kilt out of her trunk. “Here you go.”

“Kilts are for men,” Tabitha pointed out. “Why do you have one?”

“I like the style.”

“Jason would look good in a kilt,” Asterea broke in randomly. “I think so at least.”

“Would you mind stepping outside?” Jason asked the girls. “I need to change into this.”

“Kilts are a sacred symbol of patriotism and honor for a true Scotsman,” Erynna said as they stepped outside.

“Plus they show hairy legs,” Asterea pitched in.

“Shut up,” Jason told her, though not meanly, and he closed the compartment door.

“So your muggleborn right?” Asterea asked Erynna once they and Tabitha were out in the corridor. “What’s it like?”

Erynna briefly closed her eyes before saying: “They didn’t want me to come, you see, they’re religious.”

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