The Day Of Sorrow ( Youm-e-Sog) 16-12-14 ( UPDATED )

Chapter 1

We all are grieving.

16th December, Tuesday, 2014. The grieving day for Muslims. When the terrorists, loosing their humanity massacred the innocent children in their school.

A group of terrorists came in van and burned it down for giving no evidence. And the violence started. They started firing, aiming at all students, older or younger. more than 130 children were martyred, 9 staff members got martyrdom, principal of school, martyred.

There was a mother who was herself teacher at school and her kids were students there. She was her kids dying in front of her own eyes.

There was a student who heard gun firing, he rushed from his class to find his brother but he just couldnt find him.

Kids hid under their benches and desks, but terrorists shot them constantly over them.

Kids hid in a corner but terrorists forced them to make a round, and then they blasted bomb!!!!

Principal was taken out safe with the students but she went back in to save other students and got martyrdom.

A terrorist was gonna kill some students but a teacher came in between them an said that they would have to kill her before killing the kids. And terrorists burned her alive!

A 9th grade student has woken up late and couldnt go to school. Later on that day, he kept going to funerals. He had no friend left! Terrorists had finished whole 9th grade!

Young 7 year olds were martyred too. The kids who had their first days in school, were martyred.

Some students had their event or a party going on in school, they were martyred.

A women came running into school to find her son. She couldnt find her in school. She went to hospital, she couldnt find her there, she kept begging people to pray for her son's safety. And then she pulled a white sheet out of a stretcher. and found her martyred son! .........

There are no words, no words to explain the grief.

All of these innocents lives are martyred!

People have lost their humanity, people have lost their humanity, people have lost their humanity.

Whole world has waken up due to this incident. It was not something small, there were more than 140 people loosing lives, there are more than 140 families grieving. It is something heart-wrenching. Surely this incident has vast effects on everybody's hearts. They wont be forgotten easily. This grieve will go on for long time. Long lasting effects it has left.

This took place in City Peshawer, in an Army Public School on 16-12-14. Our country is having Youm-e-sog ( day of sorrow or The Black Day ) for three days, 17th, 18th, 19th.
Turkey is having it for one day and many other countries joined our grieve too.
India, America and Britain has taken it into notice too. India has conducted two-minutes silence in school.s Our cricket team has played with black piece of cloths tied around their heads or arms.

Now the other major schools of the major cities of Pakistan are on high alert. Dangerous terrorists are on loose. Terrorists themselves have given 48-hour deadline to GCU and LC university for next blast. My city comes in high alert. That's why we've got sudden holidays, and got our exams cancelled.

We would want you all to join hands and pray. For this is not only concerning muslims, its for world wide nations. Be united so such massacres.

The terrorists:

This is a video for the martyred kids.

Wanna know more information, google out the news.


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