Hetalia Roleplay

So after a whole lot of bad stuff happening in my life I started to rewatch the anime and it renewed my obsession of it...so this occurred....

Chapter 1


by: Korvi
As it implies, I am wanting to roleplay Hetalia. I am re-watching and catching up on the series.
I have seasons 1-3, paint it white, and seasons 4 and 5 are on order!
I have a variety of crushes and have an OC in the works!
I write at least 5 lines per side.
Lemons, swearing, violence are fine, just tell me your limits.
I prefer to rp over email so you can email me at korvirp@gmail.com just put Hetalia in the subject.
I am not a fan of AU's like school or anything so will not do those.
I would prefer this to be a romantic, fluffy, spicey thing really and established relationships are fun!
Hope to hear from someone soon!


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