A Dimidium Chrismas Special

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Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
June was beginning to get excited. It was mid-December and for the first time in a long time she might get to spend Christmas with her older brother. “Onii-san!” She called as she ran to his room. “What is it?” He asked when she burst through the door. “Are we gonna get a tree?” She asked trying to hide the excitement in her voice. “A tree?” “For Christmas!” She said. “Well…” ”Please!” June asked. “Oh alright.” Derek smiled. “Yes!” June said excitedly as she ran off to tell the others.

She found the others sitting in the living room, relaxing, before they had to continue their training. “You look happy.” Reed said, noticing June’s excitement. “We’re getting a tree for Christmas!” She said happily. “All right Christmas!” Birch said happily. The others expressions were a bit less than excited.

“Should we be celebrating at a time like this? When we’re supposed to be getting ready for a death match?” Jarred asked. “Well, I think it’d be kinda nice.” Alex said. “You’re kidding right?” Jocelynn said slightly annoyed. “What? I haven’t had a Christmas since I was nine. It sounds nice.” He told her. “See! We’re having Christmas.” June told them. “OO! Can I get the food?!” Spade said suddenly. The others looked at her curiously, not knowing what she could be planning.

“Uh, Spade, I’m not sure that’s a-“ Birch was quickly cut off. “Oh come on Birchy! Don’t you trust me?” Spade said. “Uh… Yes?” He said hesitantly. “Good. I'm getting the food!” Spade said happily.

“You guys are forgetting something BIG.” June said causing everyone to look at her. “The tree!” “You really want Christmas.” Jocelynn said. “YES! Now we need to get a tree before it’s too late!” June said excitedly. “Why the tree?” Reed asked. “Because,” June said matter of factly, “If there isn’t a tree there’s nowhere for Santa to put the presents!” “We can go get one tomorrow if we can get out of training and ditch the guys in suits.” Jarred said.
The half-breeds ran laughing into the forest the next day. “Haha, man I wish we could’ve seen their faces.” Birch laughed. “We should congratulate our faithful leader, Jocelynn, for coming up with that genius plan.” Reed said. “Onii-san is gonna be so mad when he finds out.” June laughed. “I vote June goes back first.” Alex said. “Second that.” “Third it.” Birch and Jarred said.

The seven of them continued deeper into the forest looking for the right tree.

Alex was walking near the back with the rest of the guys when he looked to the side and noticed a small clearing by the side of a huge bolder. Without thinking he changed into his wolf form and half ran half rolled down the snowy hill before hitting a stump and returning to his human form laughing.

The three others looked at each other in confusion before Jarred and Birch followed. Moments later the three had begun throwing snowballs. “Come on Reed-!” Alex started before getting a snowball to the face, courtesy of Jarred. “Yeah don’t be a stick in the mud.” Birch said. Reed looked at them for a moment before walking down the hill.

The moment he was within range he was bombarded with snow and met with laughter. He looked mad for a moment causing the others to wonder if they had gone a bit far. Then he sent the three ducking behind trees to avoid the large snowballs he started throwing. After getting to safety behind a few trees Jarred, Alex, and Birch started to fire back and the four of them had a quick battle. “Hey guys check it out!” Alex said before taking a rotting stump out of the ground and tried to roll across it before landing face first in the snow.

“What are you idiots doing?” Jocelynn asked annoyed as she stood at the top of the hill with June and Spade looking down curiously. “Having fun.” Alex smiled as he shook the snow off of himself. “I thought we were looking for a tree.” She said. “We are. See, there’s one over there, and over there, and look there’s another over there.” Birch said. Jocelynn didn’t seem very amused.

“Come on Jocy, you should join in.” Jarred said. “Boys vs girls!” Alex yelled. “Yeah!” Spade and June yelled in unison as they charged past Jocelynn. She watched as the two ran down the hill and started throwing piles of snow. “Come on Jocelynn!” June yelled. Jocelynn thought for a moment before walking away. The others looked at each other but were quickly interrupted by piles of snow falling on them from the sky.

Jocelynn laughed as she flew through the trees causing the snow to fall from the branches and onto the others. Down below the others had started to throw snowballs back at her but only succeeded in dodging most of each other’s. After most of the snow was cleared from the nearby branches and she saw the others waving their arms as if in defeat and landed.

She realized her mistake very quickly. Where was Spade? Seconds after landing Spade threw a large snowball, big enough to be a snowman’s middle, straight on top of Jocelynn from the top of the boulder. “I’m the winner!” Spade yelled. The others all had the same idea and each quickly threw a snowball at Spade. Spade then proceeded to send the others running into the woods.

After Spade had stopped her rampage the friends continued their search for a tree. “Spade! Slow down!” Birch yelled as Spade, who had changed into her animal form, ran, almost invisible, through the snow. Spade ignored him. She was having fun. “Spade!” He yelled again. “Birchy! Speed up!” She yelled back. Birch sighed as he sat down in the snow. It was hard enough chasing Spade on a normal day, but through the snow? It was nearly impossible.

Once everyone caught up to Birch they started to look for Spade. After a minute of searching they heard, “Hey! I found a tree!” Everyone looked around trying to find where Spade had yelled from. Birch let out a surprised yelp when Spade jumped him from behind and planting his face in the snow. She laughed in delight over Birch’s reaction and everyone walked to where they were. “See you found Spade.” Jarred commented. “Yeah, not sure if that’s good or not.” Birch said as he looked up from the snow. “Can you get off now?” He said to Spade who was still positioned on his back. She laughed at him but got up anyway. “See. I found a tree!” She said presenting the tree she had jumped out of.

The tree was admittedly nice and the others seemed to like Spade’s choice. “Did someone remember to grab an ax?” Jocelynn asked. Everyone looked at her realizing their mistake. “I thought Alex was getting it!” June said. “Well I thought Jarred was!” He replied. “I thought it was June!” Jarred told them. “Ok ok, whatever. Who has any ideas?” Jocelynn asked. “I’ll do it.” Reed said. “You can’t smash the tree.” June said annoyed. “I’m not gonna smash it!”

Reed walked up to the tree, grabbed the base and started to pull. The others looked at each other before Jarred, Alex, and Birch went to help. After a few moments the tree and its roots were out of the ground. “Well great let’s just plant it in the house.” June said sarcastically. “Calm down.” Reed said before he used his claws to start cutting the bottom off. After a minute the tree looked almost as if it had been sawed off. “Happy?” He asked. “Yep.” June replied. The seven of them then began the task of taking the tree back to the house.

“Ok, June you’re first.” Alex said when they got to the edge of the woods. “Hey.” “You’re the one who’s gonna make sure that the rest of us make it to new years.” He told her. “Fine.” She said as she trudged through the snow towards the house. The others followed at a distance and waited for June to go in before following her into the house.

“Where have you all been?” Derek said angrily when they walked through the door. “We got a Christmas tree!” June said happily. Derek looked as the others came in, tree in tow. “You could’ve told me you were leaving you know.” He told June. “We didn’t think you wanted to come.” She smiled. Derek eyed her suspiciously for a moment before sighing. “Alright. But it would’ve been nice to know that you all were planning to ditch your training.” He said looking at the others. “Come on Nii-san! You can help us decorate it!” June said.
After the 8 of them had set up the tree they all began to decorate it. “I get to put the star on!” June yelled once they had finished. “Where is it?” Reed asked. “I got it.” Derek said before walking away.

Derek walked down the halls of his large mansion before coming to a small closet. He opened the door and searched for a moment before grabbing an old box off of the top shelf. He opened the box to be sure it was the right one before heading back to where June and the others were. ‘June will like this.’ He thought.

“Did you get it?” June asked excitedly when he entered the room. “Not exactly.” He admitted. June looked at him curiously before he handed her the box. She looked at it for a moment before opening the box. She stared at it for a few moments trying not to let herself cry. “Onii-san.” She said as she jumped up and hugged him tightly. “I know Imouto. I know.” He said as he hugged her back.

June hadn’t seen the angel since the Christmas before her parent’s death. She starred at it for a moment before Derek picked her up to put it on the tree. “Merry Christmas!” Spade yelled. The others shrugged and joined in “Merry Christmas.” They all said.

A few days later, on Christmas Eve, everyone had started to get into the Christmas spirit. Derek even allowed the others to skip training for a couple days. Everyone appreciated that.

The seven half-breeds went outside to enjoy their free time in the snow. Jarred noticed Birch trying to roll an oversized snowball through the snow. “What are you doing?” He asked as Birch tried to roll the four foot tall ball of snow. “Building the world’s biggest snowman.” He said before his foot slipped out from under him and he fell down into the snow. “Need some help?” Jarred asked. Birch nodded and Jarred started to push the ball of snow. He had to admit it was a bit hard, especially since it had gotten stuck when Birch stopped, but once he got the momentum going there was no stopping the giant snowman butt.

Everyone was having fun building the snow. Alex had built an igloo that June and Spade took great pleasure in destroying repeatedly, Birch and Jarred were starting on the middle for the snowman, and Reed and Jocelynn were having a snowball face off. But eventually the cold got to them all and they retreated inside by the fire.

After they were inside everyone but Birch and Reed changed into their animal forms and it didn’t take long for all eight of them to fall asleep. But a couple hours later they were woken up by a happy Spade. “Dinner time!” She announced. Everyone looked at each other in confusion. “Wait, you were serious about that?” Birch said. “Mm-hm.” Spade nodded happily.

They followed her to the dining room where a smorgasbord of food was laid out on the table. They all looked in awe at the food. Even Derek was shocked when he walked into the room after discovering the empty living room. “Well what are you guys waiting for?! Let’s eat!” Spade said happily as she ran to get the food she had made.

The others were unsure at first because this was Spade, and you never knew what she could’ve done to it, but after Birch took a bite everyone joined in. “This is amazing!” “Yeah!” “Delicious!” The others said. “Spade, I didn’t know you could cook.” Birch said. “Yep!” Spade said as she continued to eat. Everyone scarfed down the food Spade made before laying in the living room with full stomachs. June laid there thinking about the food before she suddenly shot up.

“Cookies!” She said. “How can you still be hungry? We just ate a ton.” Alex said. “Nooo! I mean the cookies for Santa!” “Don’t worry. I had the cook make some.” Derek told her. “Good.” She said as she flopped back down.

All eight of them ended up falling asleep there in the living room until morning. Christmas.

“Wake up!” June announced early that morning. The others moaned as they woke from their food induced sleep. “Come on lazy bones! It’s Christmas!” She said. “Huh? Oh yeah, Christmas!” Birch said as he sat up. The others soon followed as June raced towards the tree. Everyone looked in awe at the presents under the tree. “Come on guys!” June said after a minute as she ran towards the tree. The seven others followed her and began to look through the presents.

The hybrids all laughed with gleeful cheer, “Merry Christmas to all, let’s hope to live another year.”


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