So I'll be off till Tuesday or Wednesday

Hello? I'd like a 200 question surprise test scheduled Monday afternoon while I catch up on all my other work? Yes, that would be lovely.

Chapter 1

I. Hate. Tests.

There's a regionals testing. she said

I'll email the stuff you need. she said

You'll be fiiiiiiine, she said.

What she didn't say was:
-Regionals testing is this Monday (12/6/14)
-All the things we have to prepare you for is absolute crap
-The test is a bit more than 200 questions
-and that I'm totally screwed

There's this club I'm in at the school which is competitive, but I didn't really know what I was getting into, all I knew was it was competition. What I was expecting was that, since my competition was solely on communications, I would have to do a presentation to the other contestants or to judges and what not.

What it turns out to be is a paper scan tron test that is required to be completed an hour or 2 after school. C'mon children! Lets do some math! So in 2 hours there is 120 minutes. I have approximately 200 questions! Which levels out to...

Fill in the bubble like lightning, cause you got less than a minute for each one.

I literally found this stuff out yesterday, I haven't even begun to study.

So I conclusion of this lovely informative alert here, I will be off till either Tuesday or Wednesday. Because chances are I will totally crash on my bed after that test and just sleep

If you see me on at all please don't message me because its not me, its probably Jason or somebody

Bye guys, wish me luck, come to my funeral!!!! :D

Oh, and everyone who commented on my question about focusing, thank you, cause I will be using all of that stuff


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