Dont Let Me Go ~ A Payzer love story

Dont Let Me Go ~ A Payzer love story

Why can't I just move on? Why do I have to keep thinking of him every single day? Why am I falling for him again?

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Chapter 25

Chapter 24

'Whose gonna be the first one to drive away? Forgetting every single promise we ever made."

-Spaces, One Direction


Sometimes it feels as if i keep doing the same mistakes again and again. Which i guess that in a way i have.

I have let Danielle go too many times and broken her heart in the process, making it harder for her to love me. Or to even want me. I've lost many opportunities to be happy with her, after all the many chances she gave me. Breakup after breakup, she was always there, waiting for me.

I guess its true when they say that after a while words loose their meaning after being said so many times.

Maybe that's why Danielle refused to forgive me last night when i tried to apologize to her for what had happened.

And i guess shes right, i cant love one person and be in a relationship with another person. It isn't fair for any of them.

I turned when i saw Dylan enter the tour bus, ignoring me the whole time as if i wasn't there, probably looking for Danielle. At that thought my hands clenched into fists, my knuckles turning white.

Despite the fact that I knew Danielle would never have nothing to do with Dylan except be friends, i couldn't help it but get jealous.

"You done?" -I asked Paul as he walked in.

"Yeah." -he said before we walked outside.

We had planned to go sight-seeing in San Antonio before we left since we had never been here.

As we walked outside we were greeted by fans who grew louder the moment they saw us. I waved before i got in the car with Paul.


"You want to go on a date with me?" -I asked Danielle as she played with Lux.

She stayed silent while she bit her lip, making me rethink what i had said.

"As friends of course." -I said quickly, hoping she wouldn't say no.

"Yeah i mean there's nothing wrong with that right?" -she asked, probably thinking about Liam.

"Danielle stop wasting your time on him. All he does is break your heart over and over again. When are you going to realize that he is not who you deserve. You deserve someone who treats you the way you have to be treated." -i told her trying to make her understand.

'I guess your right. So yeah at what time?" -she asked, changing the subject.

"Uh is 6 fine?" -I asked.

"Yeah its perfectly fine."

"Okay well imma go now. Bye Lux. Bye Dani." -i said before i walked outside.

As i passed the living room i noticed that Liam wasn't there. I wonder where he is. But as long as he doesn't ruin my plan, i don't really care.

I exited the tour bus and walked towards a bench before i pulled my phone out. I dialed Sophia's number and waited for her to answer.

"Hello?" -she said finally picking up.

"Sophia its me Dylan."

"Oh Dylan." -she said clearly uninterested.

"Everything is set. Today at 6." -i said, hearing her laugh.

"Great Dylan. The show is about to start." -she said laughing before she ended the call.

Dear Liam, here we come.


"Hey Dani whats up?" -i asked her as she looked at all of her clothes.

"Oh hey Niall. I'm just here deciding what to wear." -she replied as she put a yellow dress to the side.

"Wear? For what?" -i asked as i sat on her bed.

"Oh um for something..."

"Danielle?" -i asked, knowing she was hiding something from me.

"Fine. I'm going on a date with Dylan." -she said before my eyes went wide.

"A what?!"

"Its as friends don't worry. And i wouldn't do anything that would hurt Liam." -she said sincerely.

"As much as i don't want you to go i want you to be happy and do things. So ill help you." -I said before she smiled.

We spent the next thirty minutes goofing around before Danielle chose some skinny jeans and i picked a flowered blouse.

"Please let me do your hair." -i plead Danielle with puppy eyes.

"Fine. But only because its you."

"What about me?" -Louis asked walking in.

"Whoa. where are you going Dani?" -he asked looking at her.

"Uh..." -she trailed off.

"I wont tell i promise." -Louis said as he closed the door to Danielle's room.

"Well I'm uh going on a date with Dylan." -she said nervously.

"A date with Dylan huh? Well i hope your happy. Now Niall shoo i wanna help too." -Louis said as we started to get Danielle ready.

I could see that he didn't really agree with what Danielle was about to do. As i met his gaze he just nodded his head, mouthing 'forget it'.


I stared at myself in the mirror as Louis and Niall high-fived each other at the way i looked.

They had actually done a pretty good jobs despite the fact that they where guys.

Louis had done me a side braid which took him 10 minutes to do, then he curled my hair. Niall chose my clothes and to be honest, he has a really good taste in clothes. He choose skinny jeans with a beige button up shirt and some boots. With my makeup Louis searched up a video in Youtube no matter how many times i told him i could do that myself.

"So what do you think?" -Louis asked as he placed his hand on his hip.

"Well considering your both guys, its great." -i said as they smiled.

"Well Lou's got some experience you know since he basically grew up around girls." -Niall said laughing.

"Served me well." -Louis laughed.

"Oh gosh Dani its almost 6. I'll go check if Dylan's already here." -Niall said before he walked away.

Louis stared at me through the mirror as i played with my hands, causing me to become shift in my seat.

"Are you sure about this?" -he asked as he knelt down next to me.

"It's for the best. Like im not going to stay single forever waiting for him to come back whenever she's not here. I dont want that." -I said.

"I understand Dani but i dont want you or Liam to get hurt from this." -Louis said as i sighed, looking at his eyes in the mirror.

"I'd rather get hurt myself before Liam gets hurt. I promise i wont do something that will hurt him." -i told Louis before he smiled and gave me a hug.

"Dani, Dylan's here." -Niall said walking in before he hugged me and Louis as well.

"Take care Dani." -Louis said as we pulled apart and stood up.

"I will. Thanks for everything guys." -i told them before Niall walked me towards the door.

When we reached Dylan, Niall walked infront of me, blocking my way before he spoke.

"Dylan, i leave Danielle in your responsibility. Take good care of her or ill haunt you forever." -Niall said before me and Dylan laughed.

We said our goodbye's before Dylan and i walked to the car. Dylan opened the door for me, doing the same for himself, before we drove away.

It all felt as everything was repeating again. The same thing had happened in Liam's and I's first date. Louis and Niall helped me get ready while Zayn and Harry helped Liam.

But now, it was all different. Now, not all of them agreed with this "date." Well, not all of them knew but i dont think Niall and Louis were too happy. Thats what i loved most about this boys. They always did what made you happy, even if they didnt like that.

"Why are you so quiet?" -Dylan asked, looking at me quickly before he focused on the road.

"Oh im just wondering where we are going." -i told him, faking a smile.

"Its a surprise and dont worry, were almost there." -Dylan said smiling.

A few minutes later, we arrived at a field that was covered in flowers.

We got out of the truck and walked side by side. The sun was setting, causing the flowers to look more beautiful than before.

"This is so amazing Dylan." -I told him as he grabbed my hand.

"Just like you." -he said.


I quickly grabbed my camera, making sure i was well hidden behind the bushes, as Dylan grabbed Danielle's hand.

I watched as he said something to Danielle, causing her to look down. He brought her face up, motioning with the hand that was holding hers for me to get ready.

I got ready, taking pictures of everything, including of when Dylan kissed Danielle. I made sure to get pictures at different angles.

Danielle pulled away, smiling at Dylan shyly.

I smiled as i continued taking pictures, knowing that our plan had worked. Maybe Liam would realize that Danielle wasnt good for him after all.

As Dylan and Danielle walked around the field, i got a text from Liam.

Where are you?

Im doing something important

How important?

Super important that ill have to tell you later. Have to go now.

I put my phone away, ignoring it when it buzzed again, and continued with what i was doing before.

Half an hour passed before Dylan and Danielle started to head back to the car, Dylan's arm around Danielle's waist.

I waited until they were completely out of sight before i quickly walked to my car, which was parked behind some trees.

I quickly got in, turning on the car, and drove to the place where the plan would truly come to life: Photoland.


I arrived to the Alamodome after Dylan had texted me that they were already there.

I grabbed the teady bear that i got for Lux, pretending that its what i was doing, before i walked towards the tour bus. I got in and noticed that Liam wasnt in the living room.

"Is Liam here?" -i asked Niall as he walked out of the kitchen with two bowls of popcorn in his hands.

"Uh no but he should be here soon." -he said, smiling at me before he went to sit down in the sofa.

"Are both of those for you?" -i asked him, realizing that there was no one else in the living room.

"Yeah. Would you like some?" -he asked as he flipped through the channels.

"Oh no thanks." -i said sitting down on the same couch as him.

"So, is there anything you would like to watch?" -Niall asked without taking his eyes off of the TV.

"Oh no what ever you wanna watch is fine." -i replied.

We stayed like that for a while as Niall laughed loudly at the movie.

I was slowly drifting to sleep before the door opened and five loud voices were heard.

"Oi guys keep it down! Sophia is trying to sleep!" -Niall said as the voices slowly quieted down.

I looked up and saw the other boys and Paul trying to hold in their laughter. I smiled before i got up slowly, fixing my hair as Liam walked towards me, the others going their seperate ways.

"So where were you?" -he asked as he hugged me.

"I was buying something for Lux." -i said smiling, hoping he would fall for it, as i showed him the teady bear.

I saw confusion flash in his eyes before they went back to normal.

"Im sure she'll love it." -he said before we sat down and joined Niall.

Maybe tommorrow he will realize that im the perfect one for him and leave Danielle forever. Or maybe i will make her stay away from him.

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