Just To Make It Clear

I would have missed you all when I left...

But I'm not deleting

Chapter 1

Hi. Hello! Hey!! How are you all doing? :)

by: liberosis

Hey guys! ...and girls clears throat

The question I had created (approximately) three days ago asking about what your reaction would be if I were to delete was only me asking what your reaction would be if I were to delete. I didn't create the question because I was considering the possibility of deleting. I find it impossible to imagine life without quibblo. I've gotten too attached to it... or should I say, to the people on quibblo. I've made so many friends on here, why would I want to delete? Especially now when so many people are already leaving? I was just curious to see what reactions there would be... because I honestly thought no one would miss me if I left.

BUUUTTTT!!! (hehe butt)

But, I realized I was extremely wrong. I realized that I did have friends who would miss me. And you know what? I would miss them, too. I would miss all of you.

THE POINT of this story (which isn't really a story) is to make it clear that I wasn't planning on deleting. If I were to ever leave quibblo then I would leave my account just in case I ever wanted to come back. I don't like the thought of deleting... it makes me feel as if I were trying to make people forget I was ever here... oh, now I'm just ranting. Sorry!

I'm not leaving and I don't think I ever will....... even if my inbox has so many things I feel it might explode no matter how many times I try to clear through it.

I apologize for any misunderstandings or for causing anyone to... uh... freak out. I'll try not to do that again........

maybe >:)


Oh well! I guess you'll just have to deal with me for some time....... a long time xD

I'm going to sleep since it's like looks at the clock past midnight for me yawns
I love you all! Bye


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