Listen Up Chicas (Wise words from yours truly)

Collection of pieces of advice that I come up with while texting, messaging, or just talking in general (3 things I do most often :P )

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

So I came up with this one a few minutes ago while I was talking to my ex-bestfriend-once-removed-possibly-friends with about this guy that liked her, then hated her, then said the worst things in the world about her, and now just looks like he wants to kill somebody every time I pass him in the hallway. Anyway,

Bruenos Dias Chicas, Mi no comprehendo Española, so de Nuevo a Ingles

Listen up Ladies, have you ever had guy trouble? Specifically crush trouble, well let me tell ya somethin'

Guys are like Nutella - overrated and extremely attractive

And that concludes chapter one! :)


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