Pokemon-The Life of Caterpie

Chapter 1

Me, Caterpie.

My name is Caterpie. I live in Viridian forest, and I've lived there for as long as I can remember. I live here with my little sister, my big brother (who just recently evolved!) and my mama. When I was little, an evil monster took Papa away. She's never really elaborated on that story, but because of it, my brother forces me and my sister to stay at home all the time. My brother is the one who gets the food. He goes out and brings us berries. I HATE berries, but we have to eat them to stay alive. My least favourite are Oran berries. Mama says they'll help me grow strong and be healthy, but that's probably not true. I wish wecould go out and play, but then something might happen to me. Before my brother became all defensive, I used to play outside with my friend Weedle. One day, though, Weedle disappeared and I never saw him again. Now the whole neighbourhood stays out of the tall grass, except for, what we like to call, the traitors.

The traitors are Pokemon who live out it the tall grass. The neighbourhood hates them. They say that the traitors are allies with the humans, and the humans are the reason why we have to hide away. I don't want to ever have to face a human because, apparently, they mistreat the Pokemon they capture. They imprison them in these small round cages and force them to attack their friends and family for sheer sadistic entertainment.

Right now, I'm playing chase with my little sister. It's all we can do, really. She runs around the house as I try to hit her with my string shot, and while she is immobilized, I run and playfully tackle her. Mama hates when we play chase because it messes up the house, but what else can we do?

"CATERPIE!" She yells.

I sigh and walk up to her. My sister has stopped running. "Yes?"

"I expect you to set a good example for your little sister. When you play these silly games, you are teaching her how to misbehave. When she grows up, she'll be too big to fit in the house and she won't be able to run around. Do you know what will happen? She will run out into the tall grass and get captured by some hooligan-human. Do you want that to happen?"


"I thought so. Now, go do something else. Teach her how to make string blankets or something."

"Ugh. Fine."

I sit down and watch mama flutter out the door to help my brother collect berries. My sister runs to my side.

"Caterpie, let's continue playing chase!"

"Sorry, sis. Mama says we can't. Let's knit blankets instead."

She groans. "I don't want to!"

"Well then what do you want to do?"

"I want to play chase!"

"We can't play chase."


"We can't play tag."


"We can't play run. Let's do a calmer activity."

She sits down next to me and ponders for a moment. Finally, after about ten seconds, she springs up like a rocket and screams,

"I know, I know, I know! Let's play hide and go seek! I want to hide first!"


I turn around and close my eyes.










I hear a scream before I can get to 10. I quickly open my eyes and look around.

The front door is wide open.

I quickly get out of the house. I am screaming for her but all I hear is the sound of crying. Finally, I see my sister sitting at the feet of some kind of creature. It wasn't a Pokemon. Could it be...

A human?

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