Death Valley Prison ~ An Original Group Story

Elliot, James, Tawliy, and Nika are all experts in their own fields of criminal activity. After getting caught and convicted, they end up in Death Valley Prison, a place where the inmates are the least if your worries.

Chapter 1

Encrypted Emotions ~ Elliot Hinton

"Encryptions. So many encryptions."

"You can still get in, can you not?"

J.P. glances at me incredulously from the laptop screen. "Of course."

I frown, rolling my eyes. This was one of the few times I'd actually gone to someone for their specialty, even my best hacker couldn't crack the code to Fairland's Detention Center, so I went to J.P. It had better not be a mistake.

"You know, I really don't hack prisons. You swear they can't trace this back to me?"

"It is my own computer with the best security system possible. It will erase the heel of your footprint before the sole even touches the ground. Do not worry."

J.P. stares at the screen again. "Fine. I'm almost done."

"Brilliant." I nod patting his shoulder.

After a minute or two, he rolls out his hunched position and grins at me crookedly. "Done."

I glance at the screen and give a thin lipped smile. "You are brilliant, chap." I shut the laptop and grab it. "Thank you for your business." I lay three hundreds on his desk and turn away.

"Dude, I only asked for two."

"Do you want me to take it back?" I mutter, not turning around. "No? Didn't think so."

"Um, thanks for the tip."

I shut the door behind me and walk to the car I rented under the name of Marco Sawyer. Tossing the laptop in the back, I glance at my passenger. "Prepared to get your brother?"

Julie Hunter smiles at me, exposing sharp canine teeth. "Born ready."

Julie was one of the only people that actually scared me a bit. She was my single and longest running official partner that knew me by other than my aliases. She knows me as Elliot Hinton, my real name. This girl is my girlfriend.

I say girlfriend tentatively, as we aren't exactly loyal to each other, just bound to each other by secrecy. Julie does what she needs to do her job and I allow her to without question. It's not my place to question her.

"This is your plan. It had better work." Julie says, unbuckling and climbing the backseat. I know she's joking. None of my plans fail. Just people.

"Relax. This plan is full proof, and you are my best operative."

"Just your best?"

"My favorite?"

"Better." She smirks.

I frown and stare at the road again. "I can't get too attached. People come and go like clockwork."

"I've known you for three years and I'm still here despite your most annoying personality traits." I'm silent. "Just joking, Elliot."

"You know who I really am."


"And I know who you are. That's the only reason you've stayed this long, and same for me."

"Elliot! That's the only reason we're together? You feel bound to me?"

"I can not trust anyone in this criminal field Julie. We both know that, don't act wounded." I kept my voice level and emotionless, just like my personality.

I hear Julie sigh. "I am not wounded, I just thought you actually kind of cared for me."

"I care enough to help you get your brother out of prison for half price."

"What if I threaten to tell someone your true identity, what would you do?"

I pause, glancing in the rear view mirror. "Do you really want to ask questions with answers you do not desire?"

"I want to know." She says quietly.

"I would hire someone to eradicate you." I reply simply. "Was that the answer you were looking for?"

"I was thinking more like a plead to stop, a kiss to change my mind-"

I huff. "This is not some movie. My identity is very important to keep secret. I didn't realize that before I met you. Now, may we please continue this subject matter later, when we are not attempting to break into a prison? Thank you."

"I think I understand you now." Julie continues in the backseat. "You want to be in charge with money and power, but you get your little pawns to do the dirty work for you so you won't have to directly get blood on your hands."

"If you really want to call yourself a pawn."

"So I am right?"

"My motives have been and always will be clear to those who know what to look for. I'm not saying you are wrong. But you haven't gotten it all right either."

I park the car a half mile away from the prison near a park. Julie crawls back into the front passenger seat and takes the silenced pistol from the glove compartment.

"In ten minutes, all electricity from the building will cut out. Once that time starts you have ten more minutes to find your brother. Clear?"

Julie nods and opens the passenger door as I set the alarm on my watch.


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