Hey Guys! So I'm the QAC Dream Decoder!

Chapter 1

QAC - Quibblo Advice Column

If you haven't read the chapter title, QAC stands for Quibblo Advice Column which has been started by MrsHarrison1965. For all you newbies out there and also for all the veterans like myself, you might remember/know this as a little dose of 'old' Quibblo with Advice Columns popping up everywhere across the inbox :)

So Mrs. Harrison over in that other account over yonder accepted me to be the Dream Decoder for the QAC!

Point taken, if you have any questions on your dreams or want to know if there's any distinct message hidden in this completely insane dream of yours, you message me or message the QAC's Post Officer, who'll send it to me. And i'll answer your dream or request!

You'd be surprised what dreams hold, all of them hold a reminder or a secret message, no matter how random or serious they are.

^I'm being serious

Note when you send me a dream message, that means that Mrs. Harrison will but that in the QAC under either your name or Anonymous (by your consent) so it can be seen. Given that It might answer other people's problems.

:D Night everyone


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