The Book of Poetry

The Book of Poetry

This book contains dark, 'depressing' verses - but aside from that, I hope you enjoy anyway. Most poems are created by me, and some might not sound exactly like a poem - but you may use it in a song if you'd like. ^-^

Chapter 1

Shattered Mirrors

by: Graveworm
Laughter fills the air
You are lying still
You're cold, not breathing.

Blood is dripping
Shattered glass surrounds you
You are lifeless.

You are yelling, but no sound is coming out
You are alone
Everybody is gone.

You remember everything,
As if you dreamt it
But you didn't.

The world is full
You are empty
Nothing is left.

Oh why, why did you do this?
You broke the mirror
You ran it through your arms
Glass shards are piercing your skin.

You killed yourself - nothing is left
You ended the ultimate fight
Yet you gave up.

Now all you've left is pain and darkness;
you left a shattered mirror.

Life is the challenge and life is what we live, never give up.

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