Group Story Sign Up (Update)

Yea, I'm sorry. I might do this story or the reboot, but I have this idea burning inside my skull that I'm just going to mention to the public.

Chapter 1

I have Group Story ADHD

So there are about 4 characters, put into an prison institution in the middle of Nevada for a particular reason (murder, hacking, stealing, treason, etc). They are all unused to being caught because they are so good at what they do. The first couple of chapters will be about your individual character doing what they do best and one team of maybe 2-3 who work together/know each other (that will be decided later).
Eventually they get caught and put into a harsh jail in Death Valley, Nevada, the girls and guys separately meeting together in order to compose an escape plan. While doing so, they discover strange things happening beneath the prison which will be crucial to the rest of the plot.

Two characters of opposite gender has to know each other so they communicate their escape plan. The only time guys and girls meet is doing working shift change.

Characters I Need:
-A Planner who doesn't get their hands dirty
-A Hacker
-A Thief
-A Murderer (Brawns)

These are the main people, there can be more people however.

Character Template:

Age (15-17):
Role in the Group:
Backstory (why your character is the way they are):
How You Got Caught:

My Character:

Name: Elliot Hinton
Nickname: Machiavelli
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168
Skills: He's a very inventive thinker and planner, able to create full blown schemes within a day of concentration. He's a logical thinker and never uses his feelings in his schemes.
Role in the Group: The Leader/Planner
Personality: He's quite a very intellectual yet bitter person, looking to manipulate and set people inferior to himself. He rarely feels any emotions that isn't some kind of rage, frustration, or superiority. He rarely laughs and instead only allows himself a thin smile every once in a while, if a heist goes as plan. He's the kind of guy that never gets his hands dirty, and will sell you out in a heartbeat if necessary to achieve something. He's not above sending an operative out on a fake mission as bait, just to get his own victory. He's not very loyal or trustworthy nor will he trust your loyalty or trustworthiness. He's not quite as grounded as normal people, and is known to have violent fits of rage or distress for seemingly nothing at all. He also has fits of anxiety and depression, which worsens as he's taken off of his medicine in prison.
Appearance: He has darting grey ice the color of snow slush on pavement, beneath arched eyebrows and surrounded by dark lashes. His black hair is in natural loose curls that are always unkempt and pushed back and away from his face. His skin is very pale and ashen as if he gets very little sunlight in his life. His body is thin and bony, very angular and spidery. He has long, fingers and hands that are slightly large for his body. He usually wears khakis and a sweater, with loafers and perhaps a blazer, before the prison uniform.
Backstory: His parents are divorced leaving him between two houses, both with parents who generally ignore him. He was raised without a moral background and it has stayed that way. His siblings are older and naturally bigger and stronger than him, using that to bully him. That's the main reason he likes being in charge of things.
How You Got Caught: During a heist, his team members got caught and so, to reduce their own sentence, turned him in to the police.
Other: He rarely talks with his team firsthand for secrecy and uses the alias: Machiavelli. He's somewhat homeschooled but has plenty of time to do his activities later.

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