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Chapter 2


myself (purplerain1234), dreamergirl, books, sugarkart, lilypotter101, and TheSpecter are the writers for the new story. Sorry to those who weren't chosen, it was a hard decision for the two open slots.
I would suggest reading and studying the characters below, including your own, and when you write please stick to your personality and stuff.
Also, info will be below all the characters.


Name;; Freya Leppanen
Nickname(s);; Ice Queen/Princess by some of her tormentors. Snow-ho as well, I'll get to that below.
Age;; 16
Gender;; Female
Height;; 5'4"
Weight;; 132
Appearance;; Freya has grey-blue eyes that are cold and hard as steel, with a slight almond shape to them and always a thick coat of black eyeliner in wings. Her hair is collar-bone length and cinnamon-brown but when winter comes around it turns very dark, her hair is slightly wavy and very soft. Freya has pink lips with a cupid's bow. Her skin is fair and smooth and she has high cheekbones and a small, straight nose. Freya is a little bit shorter then average, and has a rather small frame. She is perceived as weak looking and thin, with an average-sized chest and slightly curved hips. She has a flat but soft stomach, with smaller hands and long legs and a short, slightly curved waist. She has a black stenciled tattoo of a bird on her left shoulder-blade, and another of a snowflake as a 'tramp-stamp' from when she was underage-drunk. Her face looks mainly just intense if she looks angry, and slightly pretty when she looks happy.
Personality;; Freya is a smart, sassy and independent girl. She appears to be small, but with an intense demeanor. Freya sets off her small form with an intense personality. She is very smart and good at getting out of difficult situations, along with math and English and school subjects. Despite her intelligence she hardly ever gets school work turned in, because she just doesn't think she has the time. Freya doesn't really care about school and grades because she knows she'll get into a good college anyways if desired. Freya is sassy and snippy and generally pushes people away who want to be friends with her. She's dull-toned and doesn't often speak up or try to sound encouraging or excited about anything. She is fairly laid-back and tries to stay out of big conflicts, though she's a bit 'rebellious'. She's under aged, yet she drinks and smokes occasionally. Freya is sarcastic and independent and doesn't take crap from anyone.
Clothing;; Freya likes to wear cropped, loose or typically male t-shirts or tank tops with graphics on them. She wears skinny blue or black jeans and a black beanie almost always over her hair. Freya wears black lace-up boot-ish things with tall wooden heels, or grey converse if she wants to go simple. Freya doesn't like to dress fancy on account of people making fun of her rich family even more then they already do. Besides, white blouses and business skirts really don't suit her.
Hobbies;; Freya spends her time listening to music in her bedroom or protesting useless riots. She wants to make a difference, always, because she wants to feel like she's helped the world in some way. She's also a vegan and feminist and animal-rights-activist, though she enjoys weapons and the making of them. She's a conflicting person.
Backstory;; Freya grew up in a long line of the rich Leppanen family tree. Her father is an actor and her mother is a doctor, and she lives in a large mansion. She was given the top floor of the house but chooses sleep on a small bed in the closet instead, with her shelves built into the walls and a small lamp hanging above her head. She uses her actual room to instead splatter paint everywhere and do all sorts of art projects. She dislikes being treated like a privileged rich person mainly because she is and wishes she could live in a small house and have normal parents who were ever at home. The nickname Snow Queen or Snow Princess comes from the white color of her skin, house, steel-blue eyes and the snowflake tattoo on her tailbone, also associated with her richness. The other, more common nickname for her is Snow-ho, pretty much coming from her 'tramp stamp' that has occasionally been seen and made fun of.
Love Interest;; Freya is lesbian and aromantic, meaning she doesn't feel any desire to be in a relationship or feel romantic attraction, but she does enjoy sexual relations and things like that. Someone, maybe, could break her out of that but probably not. She either feels strong friendships or sexual desire or both, really nothing between.


Name;; Ivan Mancini
Nickname(s);; None
Age;; 17
Gender;; M
Height;; 5'11"
Weight;; 146lb
Appearance;; Ivan has tanned caramel colored skin. His hair is a coffee black, so it looks black most of the time but at certain angel you can se tinges of brown. It goes down to his ears, but he always gels it back. His eyes are almond shaped, and a light grass green. They're set back a bit into his face, and framed by slightly feminine longer lashes. He has a lazy kind a smile which is his neutral face. His features are somewhere between soft and angular. He has a long scar across his back from when he was a child and fell out of a tree.
Personality;; Ivan is a blithe kind of person. He's a gentle down to earth kind of person, who is adverse to violence. He's also a 'goody two shoes.' He refuses to drink before he's 21, will not smoke; though mostly because he hates the smell of it, or do any thing else 'bad'. The only time he ever gets sour with a person is when they suggest he does do said things. He's fine with others doing it, as long as he is excluded from the activities. Ivan is kind of a naïve guy, but he's also stubborn as hell. He is always smiling, if he's not then there's something seriously wrong. He also is very optimistic, he always trys to look to the bright side of things, which can make him a little annoying.
Clothing;; On the day of the camp he wears a purple button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He always wears purple. On that day he also wears a pair of black fitted pants, and brown loafers. He has a leather bracelet with a metal plate that he wears.
Hobbies;; He finally managed to make Student Council President, and he busies his time with that, but when he finds a free moment he loves to paint. He aspires to be a painter, but doesn't think it's a reliable occupation.
Backstory;; Ivan was raised in a gay home. The one he calls just dad is name Lukas Mancini. Ivan's 'Pops' name is Lovin Mancini. They have always coddle Ivan since he was a child. They don't spoil him, but he's always had them around for him. They have never missed a game, conference, or even a spelling be of his. If he ever scraped his knee he was in one of their arms with in half a second. He is their pride and joy. They lived in Italy until Ivan was 16. they moved to Finland because of a job offer that Lukas got. They don't know whether they are going to stay or not.
Love Interest;; He is bisexual, but he'd probably go for a guy.


Name;; Irina Heikki
Nickname(s);; Rina, by her friends. One of her friends, Kukka, calls her RiRi (Ree-Ree)
Age;; 15
Gender;; Female
Height;; 5"3
Weight;; 127
Appearance;; Has dyed auburn hair, as she didn't like that half of her class had the same blonde hair as she did. Has a bit of a baby face, making her look younger than she is. She has big, dark blue eyes, adding to the 'innocent' look. Isn't very curvy, and mostly flat-chested. Her hair is slightly wavy, and stops about five centimeters below her shoulders. She normally wears her hair in a low ponytail, a messy ponytail.
Personality;; A very blunt, direct and original person. She has no time for philosophy, preferring practical matters to any sorts of deep thoughts and meanings. She takes things at face value, and is more concerned with what a person has done than their reasoning behind it. Very much a performer, she finds her self-worth in how other people react to her. However, she has plenty confidence in herself, and knows there's always another audience somewhere. She likes comedy, and hates serious matters, but knows that sometimes they're essential. She is a very poor planner, often making up things on the spot, and they are often riddled with flaws that, though not obvious, could easily get her into danger. She can be, at worst, out of control, and at best, hard to handle. However, she loves her friends, and all it takes to get her to calm down is a kind word and something fun and interesting to do. Completely social, She loves the spotlight, and can make any conversation interesting. She has an eye for aesthetics, and is very good with fashion. She can appear a bit selfish, but inside knows it's not all about her. She is actually very observant, and at the simple hint of someone being insulted, she would stop whatever she was doing to help them out. She would gladly help anyone talk about their problems, but when she has a problem, she's more likely to keep it to herself. She hates conflict, and is more likely to suffer in silence than possibly make someone mad at her. She hates criticism, though she can handle constructive criticism. But she doesn't like it. Will leap at any opportunity ahead of her, even if it means neglecting the long term. She loves fun, and loves to make people happy. However, she can also be sensitive, and can react badly if she feels she's being backed into a corner.
Clothing;; She usually wears a neutral, dark green to go with her hair, a neutral dark green shirt to go with her hair! and a simple pair of denim jeans, with a hot pink scarf wrapped around where the belt is supposed to go (she has an eye for fashion, it looks good on her) and some red and white sneakers. She also usually wears some bright green hoops on her ears (small, but bright).
Hobbies;; She loves performing, and at school is often involved in the drama department. She isn't as fond of sports, and also likes playing a French horn (she's not very good yet, but she's taking lessons) so she can be in the band as well. She likes listening to music, but can't sing very well, so she generally doesn't take part in any musicals, unless there's dancing. She also likes watching comedy movies, and tries hard to make up her own jokes.
Backstory: Was born and raised in Finland. Learning English as a second language (it was taught in her school) but has limited knowledge of it. Has a younger brother Urho, whom she likes to play pranks on
Backstory;; Unfortunately, years of being pranked by his big sister meant Urho learnt a thing or two. Or twenty. Her mother and father were fairly wealthy, both being teachers at a prestigious school. Irina and Urho both go there, and were taught the values of a good education from an early age. Urho picked this up nicely, Irina not so much. She was very unfocused and distractable, but her parents soon found the best way for her to learn. So she does well at school. Loves her family, and has friends. Her best friend is Kuki Virtanen. Some of her other, closest friends are: Taimi, Rikka, Ilta, and Emilia. These five are supposed to come on the trip, but Rikka and Ilta both fall sick and are unable to come. The other three all come. They are close friends, and love hanging out with each other.
Love Interest;; Irina is currently questioning if she is asexual, as she had never had any attraction to a boy, nor a girl ever in her life.


Name;; Aila Neva
Nickname(s);; Only family nicknames: Oak or Marsh a family nickname (see backstory) & she'll kill anyone who calls her that outside of family.
Age; 17
Gender;; Female
Height;; 5' 6"
Weight;; 135
Appearance;; Hot pink painted nails; alabaster skin & dark curly hair (; complete Heterochromia blue ( in left eye & pale brown ( in right; wears nutmeg or pale pink eye shadow & blusher.
Personality;; Brooding, stubborn, can be hubris, dark humour, opinionated
Clothing;; Black & hot pink striped cropped shirt (Thick stripes, similar to:; black skinny-leg jeans (; knee-high black & hot pink socks; black boots (
Hobbies;; Listening to music, drawing, photography, painting
Backstory;; Is the proud, only child to her parents (however they have a surprise if & when she returns home!). Her nicknames of 'Oak' & 'Marsh' come from the meanings of her name (Aila means 'Oak', Neva means 'Marsh') & her personality (Stubborn as a tree, brooding as a marsh)
Love Interest;; Heterosexual/straight


Name;; Maya Aleyev
Nickname(s);; Miki. She will very rarely answer to Maya, and prefers that everyone call her Miki. (I'll explain more in backstory)
Age;; 15
Gender;; F
Height;; 4'11" to 5'0" ish
Weight;; 104lb.
Appearance;; Spindly sort of girl, skinny and slight, and short. She has some of the features of a Russian girl, due to her distant heritage. She has blonde hair down to her mid back, with thick bangs almost to her eyebrows. Her eyes are a deep, almost mesmerizing navy blue. She usually wears her hair down, but will occasionally put it in a messy shoulder braid. She would look fairly intimidating if she were taller, but her short posture gives her the look of a smart fairy. She's pale-skinned, and her ears are slightly bigger than average, but she usually hides them with an ushanka (Russian furry hat that looks a bit like a sailors' hat.) She has high cheekbones that show lightly through her pale skin.
Personality;; Well-grounded, thoughtful, but blunt and opinionated. She doesn't like being ignored, and will go to extremes to get noticed. She's an enjoyable girl most of the time, but most people look down at her like a pet, or a little sister. She isn't taken seriously a lot, which leads her to yelling and screaming, her impulsiveness often getting her into a lot of trouble. She's a neutralist, who doesn't care what the good side or the bad side is, she merely takes any situation head-on without thinking too much about what to do. She's good at improv and lying, sneaky, and street smart, but she doesn't see the point in studying math or science. She likes English and history OK, but absolutely despises science, and claims that her imagination takes too much room in her brain and doesn't leave room for the facts. She uses logic to kill any argument, whether it's bad or good, and as a result often wins verbal battles. She isn't a good planner, and thinks that it's better to not think about things too deeply. It's hard to win her trust, but once you do, it's a valuable thing, because one wrong move could lead to her despising you for eternity. She's fairly emphatic, but doesn't like comforting people, because she's not sure how.
Hobbies;; She's an excellent viola player, and never goes anywhere without it. Frankly, she's a little obsessed with the viola, and it gets annoying sometimes. It's like her weapon as well as her art.
Backstory;; The Aleyevs are a Russian family, but Miki's family is the first generation to migrate to Finland. The reason they moved was Miki's mother, Kailua Tamar, a mixed-heritage Asian from a poorer family, who wanted to travel the world. When she married Miki's father, Nikola Aleyev, she'd already seen all the places she wanted to see, but Finland. As a treat, Nikola brought Kailua to Finland, where they fell in love with the forests and decided to begin a new life there. Miki is an only child in a family of three. They've got a stone house in the middle of nowhere, on the other side of the forests. She was homeschooled until she could learn Finnish, having spoken Russian for most of her life. She only started public schooling two years ago.
Her nickname, "Miki", is what she called herself when she was little, not being able to say "Maya", and she's stuck with the name since.
Love Interest;; Miki is pansexual, but slightly preferring girls over boys. She's not hopeless romantic, though, and will only admit her feelings if she's absolutely sure that the other shares her feelings.


Name;; Anthony Hyke
Nickname(s);; Hiker, Anton,
Age;; 16
Gender;; M
Height;; 70 inches
Weight;; 65 kg
Appearance;; Athletic, sturdy build, medium-length sandy blond hair that droops into his eyes, medium tanned skin, crooked nose from being in too many fights, can usually be found with a wry, 'not guilty' grin on his face, black stud earrings, stormy gray eyes that look like they have something to hide and don't care if it's obvious. Has "DONT" tattooed on his right fingers and "MESS" on his left.
Personality;; Describes himself as a 'pessimistic realist' in the way he views everything. Not outgoing and social, but not introvert either, he just likes to keep to himself. He has a reputation for being too honest, almost to the point of being outright rude. Doesn't take crap from anyone and always stands up for himself and his friends. He is also rather paranoid and always on edge, aware of what's going on around him.
Clothing;; Combat boots, jeans and dark gray t shirts are his usual attire. He also can always be seen wearing a gray beanie and sometimes wears a black hoodie
Hobbies;; Climbing and parkour, sports and exploring (usually somewhere he shouldn't be.) He also enjoys reading in his leisure time and is very specific about what he will and won't read (must be fiction and have some element of love, drama and/or fighting)
Backstory;; Growing up, his parents were very lenient and not very strict, letting him get away with a lot of things, but never anything where someone could get hurt, so he's not a total wreck-loose
Love Interest;; Bisexual, no preference


So, yes. I love the diversity in hair color for characters I know that sound stupid but like we have a cinnamon kind of brown-blonde, pretty much black, red, dark brown, blonde and dirty blonde like you can really tell who's who.
Anyways, as far as love interests go I'd like to keep things open seeing as there will be no real amounts of romance mainly just cuddling and making out n yeah, but I will say that if relationships DO happen I would like our boys to be together. Gay relationships are the absolute best and seeing as my character's lesbian (I changed it from bisexual to lesbian) she'd probably go for a girl as well, and that girl would likely be Maya Aleyev.
I like story titles related to the forest full of monster's or their group in general or both.
I'll post the story asap or you know as soon as I have time.

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