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Chapter 1

Troubles Along The Way 2

Once, there was a school. The school was once respectable, though it had a high amount of delinquents. Everything was supposed to be okay when the troubled teenagers went on a camping trip to reconnect them with nature, but it went horribly wrong. Only six came back, out of the fifteen students and eight counselors. A case was opened up about the forest they traveled to. It was explored, hundreds of miles of it. Nothing appeared to be wrong, though differently mutilated bodies were found, or just scraps of them. The case was closed, as nobody every discovered what happened.
The six students that returned saw things, couldn't function well. They were put into special care. Eventually, of course, they got better. We all do.
Eleven years later, it is re-entered.
A school field trip, a camping trip, to a perfectly normal part of the Finland forest. Normal school kids, required to go on this trip. A normal school, a normal trip. The bus takes these kids to the forest they will camp in, but they went to the wrong one. Nobody knows and nobody remembers the stories about this forest, nobody can tell the difference between it and a normal forest.
Until you turn your back on the road and all you see is trees. Until you are asleep and in the dead of night you hear screams all around you and blood falls in your eyes. Nobody knows until it's too late.


Alright, dramatic opening! Really something you need too know; THIS IS A SEQUEL TO A PREVIOUS STORY KNOWN AS (TROUBLES ALONG THE WAY.) Do not sign up for this if you don't know just the basics of the story. You don't need to read all 73 chapters (though I would recommend it, it's excellent). The only thing we will reference to in this story is MAYBE the rumors of the previous events, and of course, monsters. Oh, and Aurora may come back from the dead. Anything is possible.
ANOTHER BIG NOTICE; Three spots are reserved for SugarKart, Dreamergirl and books. They were writers in the previous story so they get immediate slots.


1. Only six characters will be accepted, four of which are confirmed already (including mine) so there are two slots. I don't care the gender, but a few male characters would be cool.
2. No stereotypical characters, meaning no girl with the leather jacket and the super curvy body. Your curvy body won't matter at all when a monster's eating it.
3. You must be active when writing. If you're going to drop out halfway through, don't sign up. Seriously. I don't like the "something came up" excuse. If you know something might get in the way, do not sign up.
4. Writing time, at the most, is two weeks. Any more then that is really annoying and you may get kicked out.
5. No names like Blueberry Starfeather or anything like that, capisce? Creative names are fine and encouraged, but don't go overboard! They're humans, not mythical creatures.
6. Realistic appearance. No "naturally purple hair", wings, magical powers, blue skin, red eyes, "slim but very curvy" body. Again, not mythical creatures.
7. If I see 'beautiful' in the form, there's no chance I will accept you. This is realistic. They're teenagers.
8. Love interests are not necessary, as they will probably just random making out/feeling eachother up in the forest, but I recommend saying something about that for the love interest section, preferable the gender they like. Anything goes.
9. Make your characters different and unique! I love that! In personality, and appearance. If I see all the characters are blonde and blue-eyed, I won't accept that. I like diversity in race, gender, body-type, overall appearance and personality.
10. Make creative, in-depth characters. It looks best when the form takes at least 4 comment boxes.
11. If you haven't written a group story on quibblo, please provide a link to a writing sample of yours. I like a well-written character.
12. Remember, they live in Finland. They don't have to be Finnish, but not every character should be non-Finnish.
13. Side-note; even if you're confirmed for the story (one of the three writers that are reserved with slots) make your characters very different in personality and appearance, because I can still ask you to change stuff.


please fill out THIS FORM below, don't change anything or make your own.

Age;; (15-17)
Weight;; (realistic, no super thin and curvy)
Appearance;; (detailed)
Clothing;; (style of clothing, major outfit in the books)
Backstory;; (write about family life, life at home, etc.)
Love Interest;; (include sexual preference)


Name;; Freya Leppanen
Nickname(s);; Ice Queen/Princess by some of her tormentors. Snow-ho as well, I'll get to that below.
Age;; 16
Gender;; Female
Height;; 5'4"
Weight;; 132
Appearance;; Freya has grey-blue eyes that are cold as steel, with a slight almond shape to them and always a thick coat of black eyeliner in wings. Her hair is collar-bone length and cinnamon-brown but when winter comes around it turns very dark, her hair is slightly wavy and very soft. Freya has pink lips with a cupid's bow. Her skin is fair and smooth and she has high cheekbones and a small, straight nose. Freya is a little bit shorter then average, and has a rather small frame. She is perceived as weak looking and thin, with an average-sized chest and slightly curved hips. She has a flat but soft stomach, with smaller hands and long legs and a short, slightly curved waist. She has a black stenciled tattoo of a bird on her left shoulder-blade, and another of a snowflake as a 'tramp-stamp' from when she was underage-drunk. Her face looks mainly just intense if she looks angry, and slightly pretty when she looks happy.
Personality;; Freya is a smart, sassy and independent girl. She appears to be small, but with an intense demeanor. Freya sets off her small form with an intense personality. She is very smart and good at getting out of difficult situations, along with math and English and school subjects. Despite her intelligence she hardly ever gets school work turned in, because she just doesn't think she has the time. Freya doesn't really care about school and grades because she knows she'll get into a good college anyways if desired. Freya is sassy and snippy and generally pushes people away who want to be friends with her. She's dull-toned and doesn't often speak up or try to sound encouraging or excited about anything. She is fairly laid-back and tries to stay out of big conflicts, though she's a bit 'rebellious'. She's under aged, yet she drinks and smokes occasionally. Freya is sarcastic and independent and doesn't take crap from anyone.
Clothing;; Freya likes to wear cropped, loose or typically male t-shirts or tank tops with graphics on them. She wears skinny blue or black jeans and a black beanie almost always over her hair. Freya wears black lace-up boot-ish things with tall wooden heels, or grey converse if she wants to go simple. Freya doesn't like to dress fancy on account of people making fun of her rich family even more then they already do. Besides, white blouses and business skirts really don't suit her.
Hobbies;; Freya spends her time listening to music in her bedroom or protesting useless riots. She wants to make a difference, always, because she wants to feel like she's helped the world in some way. She's also a vegan and feminist and animal-rights-activist, though she enjoys weapons and the making of them. She's a conflicting person.
Backstory;; Freya grew up in a long line of the rich Leppanen family tree. Her father is an actor and her mother is a doctor, and she lives in a large mansion. She was given the top floor of the house but chooses sleep on a small bed in the closet instead, with her shelves built into the walls and a small lamp hanging above her head. She uses her actual room to instead splatter paint everywhere and do all sorts of art projects. She dislikes being treated like a privileged rich person mainly because she is and wishes she could live in a small house and have normal parents who were ever at home. The nickname Snow Queen or Snow Princess comes from the white color of her skin, house, steel-blue eyes and the snowflake tattoo on her tailbone, also associated with her richness. The other, more common nickname for her is Snow-ho, pretty much coming from her 'tramp stamp' that has occasionally been seen and made fun of.
Love Interest;; Freya is bisexual and aromantic, meaning she doesn't feel any desire to be in a relationship or feel romantic attraction, but she does enjoy sexual relations and things like that.


Okay, now, sign up! Ends whenever I see the characters I really like.

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