The Last Martyr (A Hunger Games Story)

The time has come for the Capitol to pay its debt to the Districts. The four votes out of seven was enough, and now twenty-four children of Capitol leaders will pay the price. They will fight to the death as so many district Children before them did. One will be crowned Victor; the last Victor. He or She will represent the evil of what the Capitol did to the District. The Capitol put innocent children in a battlefield and forced them to kill each other. Now vengeance will reign.
And Blind.

Chapter 1

I am...

"Hey can I go with you today, Daddy?" I asked my father, wanting every minute my father had to spare. After all, he had a hard and tasking job and was working 24-7.

"Sure, Sweetheart." He said as we got into our car and drove to an important looking office building.

I followed my dad through the halls, at his side every second until we came to a door. Two uniformed men were standing next to it. As my father stepped forward to go in, so did I.

"Sorry miss. You'll have to stay out here." One of them said.

My father looked slightly confused, but gave me an apologetic look and went inside. I expected the men to follow him, but as soon as he passed over the threshold they closed the heavy doors, not giving me a chance to see what was in the room.

I scowled at them, becoming slightly puzzled when they immediately locked the door.

"What you doing?" I asked. No answer.

It was probably a minute later, but it felt like forever, when I heard a noise. A thud.

Faster than either of the Peace Keepers could react, I pushed through them, threw the lock, and swung open the door.

And saw my father lying dead before my eyes.

Tears started to blur my vision, rivers flowing down my face. I sobbed and threw myself onto the floor beside him. His hand had slight blue marks on it, and a blue-ish juice dripped down his mouth.

Looking up, I saw a glass bowl on a table. In the bowl were berries. I recognized them instantly. I did watch T.V. after all.

Night Lock.

I jumped up, trying to get a hand full. I wanted to die so I could be with my Dad. Just like I always wanted.

The uniformed men caught me and dragging me from the room. Away from thing I wanted most dearly. My father.

My name is Verada Crane, and I am a tribute in the 76th annual and final Hunger games.


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