The Life nobody Knew About

Know, as this story is secret, the life of Gabrella "Ellie" is a secret one. She knows things normal people dont. She is the direct child of Aphrodite, from the bloodlines of Posideon and Zeus, and has recieved the Gifts of the Gods. But she never knew this... Until she met someone who changed her life as she knew it.

Chapter 1

Out of the Dark

by: LittleKat
My family just moved. I live nowhere in Montana USA. Idiots think we ride horses everywhere and are farmers and such. But its nowhere like that. We have cars, electricity and everything every other hotshot city has in the US, its just less populated. My family and I just moved to Missoula and it was hard. My mom and her fiance canceled their wedding. Permenantly, and it hurt all of it. Anna disappeared, Stephanie never talked, Tim my brother became violent and he was hurting the most clearly. But I kind of just hid it and i never cried since then. But it was a warm summer morning and i went on a walk as usual and nothing happened. But school as always, came around and then it all started. A few weeks into school, I met this girl. She was short, died red hair, and.. she had HUGE assests. Like seriously, she was HUGE and it was all people could do not to stare at her chest half the time. For her age, she looked like she was 16... But, her name was Alexa, but she seemed pretty wary of me, like something was off with me. But i had no clue of what was wrong with me then....
So school ended. Alexa and i now became the best of friends and this cute guy Owen had asked me for my number. And i gave it to him and my mom didnt know it was so cute how he asked me.... (Earlier this year on the last day of school) Owen, a tall, dark curled hair that was sorta short, with bright laughing blue eyes that seemed to captivate you as he would look at you pulling you in. And an athletic build of course.. so anyways he had come up to me. "Miss Porter," he said eyes twinkling and mischievious,"Can i have your number?" He flipped his hair off to the side and his phone came out of his pocket and flipped open. My heart did a million backflips and I tried to act cool as i gave him my number... (back into the summer) so that was a sweet memory. So Alexa, who i now call Lexie or Lex we went swimming and then went to my house for pizza and we watched movies. After that, my "fake" ginger friend had pulled me outside and had asked me something. "Can you keep a secret?" She whispered.... "Like even if you dont believe me, dont say anything to anyone ok? Because people will look for me if they ever find out about this.. ok?" I looked at her, her green hazel eyes were serious, and I nodded and we sat on my stairs. And she told me somethings. "First off," she said. "I have special powers. I can see peoples fears." I looked at her, at first, i wasnt sure what to believe. Was she tricking me or was she really saying the truth? I wasnt sure, so I asked, "..So then, what are my fears? Like what is the most obvious fear?" She looked at me for a second, as if concentrating, and said,"You're afraid you will never get away from your mother." I knew inside that was true. After that we talked. I asked finally, if i had powers. She looked at me as if i was stupid. "Of course you have powers Ella (usually Ellie, but this is her special nickname for me), but its clouded so i cant see it." I scrunched up my face. "Why not?" i said. She sighed, "Because there is a fog surrounding your powers so i cant see it." I tilted my head to the side and back up again. "When were does it come from?" She looked at me without any emotion in her eyes, "Youre mother." "Figures" I say. And that was only just the beginning. I learned that our fears, have a "Fear World" where our fears surround us like a tiny force field, if you will, and everyone has a fear looking as a certain thing special to them. Mine is a perfect circle, Anna's was fun house mirrors, but with her trapped inside it, my moms as Teardrops, and I never really found out what Timothy's and Stephanie's where. Because their "minds" or aura or something was weird. But for the longest time, i was never sure whether or not she was telling the truth or not. One day, we were working on Lex's "training" by me asking her different things, and she suddenly replied, "i know your powers!!" I jumped inside my heart! "You do?!?" "YES!! Its not all of them, because the fog is still covering it but i know some." "Tell me!!" "Alright, you have Captivation, Sway, Slight Oracle, and Sensory vision." I learned from this night, that Captivation is as it sounds, im captivating, and sway allows me to convince people to do things they wouldnt normally do, and oracle by seeing the future or sometimes parts of the past, and sensory vision by seeing or knowing different things that would happen or peoples emotions, that type thing.
Me geing the idiot i was... I didnt know much about my newly discovered powers, but for the longest time Lex didnt know what they were, and I was excited. I started with guessing the type of sunset we would have tommorrow and i was right everytime. But Lex had told me that Greek Gods existed and such, entriqued, again, me being an idiot... On a full moon (already a bad idea) I made a wish... In the presence of two Goddesses, the Moon and River Goddess. (now they werent the top gods like Zeus or Apollo or anything, but still pretty dam powerful.) I at least had enough sense to make my wish very specific. To be the best i could be as a girlfriend. Like mystery, intrique, captivation (as if i dont have enough), honesty, wisdom and such... But i made my wish and I was wearing a necklace with a watch on it, like the one in Doctor Who, and I opened my locket as i made this wish, and closed the locket. Doing this changed my path indefinitely and it suprised me how it did... I never knew such things before, and if i hadnt trapped my wish in my locket, I would definitely not be the person and ave the knowledge i have now... But I was shocked. So shocked, for when i had just gone inside to go to bed, I heard a voice of a woman.

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