Dark Design ~ An Original Group Story

In the country of Adenasei, the land is split off into five Regions. Four of them are in great conflict and war will break out at any moment. Little do they know that amidst their selfish bickering, one Region is planning an uprising to overpower them all and take control of the entire country.

Four people will be brought together and learn that they need to set aside their differences if they are to survive and save their people. Will they have what it takes to reunite the five Regions?

Chapter 4

Kiara Solivan

I wandered through the towns village, to the training centre. The entire archery team had been called for a meeting. I had had to leave the village school early, though everyone was used to it. My town was close enough to the regions borders that we always had to be alert, and almost all the adults had to be trained in a weapon. Mine was archery, and slingshots.

I looked around as I walked through the streets. People bustled around, talking to friends. In only a few hours, a lot of the children would be playing in the streets. As I approached the training centre, you could see the large watch tower, from which the signal was given in the event of a raid. Everyone had been on alert after a group from Morendel had never arrived. No one knew what had happened, and some where worried Morendel would blame us.

It seemed like something they would do. Right now, relations between them had been distrusting at best. The other regions were completely against us, and Morendel were the only ones right now who were willing to send a party to negotiate. And now they had never arrived.

I walked into the training centre, where most of my squad was already there. Our leader, Sharine was counting heads.

"Good Kiara you're here. Only three more to come." She said, clapping her hands together.

After a couple minutes, the three remaining women had arrived.

Sharine did another head count, before starting.

"Alright ladies. Soon, we will heading into battle." The other girls began whispering among each other. We had not had a battle for a few months.
"Against whom?" One lady called out from the back.
"We believe right now our enemy is Drakenlore and Alzia-Eltore. We believe that if we want Morendel to ally with us, we must help them."
"Does this mean we're at war?"
"No. We are not sure what exactly is going to happen. But the King himself has told us to go to Morendel."

I wondered how the battle would go. Would one of the regions just start attacking? Or maybe there actually be some negotiations. Maybe we could go without doing any fighting at all. That would be great.

"So when are we heading out?" I asked.
"Tomorrow morning. Any other questions?" Sharine looked at everyone. No one answered.
"Alright then. Dismissed!"

Walking home, I felt a pang of nervousness. What if there was a battle? What if they attacked me? What if I killed someone? I'd been in battles before, but I never like killing anyone. It always made me feel unclean. I had personally, directly, on purpose taken away someone's life, and had probably made a lot of people somewhere very sad.

I decided to return to the school. Seeing the children would make me feel better.

After school was let out, I walked to my boyfriends house. I wanted to tell him, but we all knew if it was kings orders, we could not tell anyone. But I could say I was going somewhere.

"Alexian, are you home?" I called out, knocking on the door.
"Kiara? What are you doing. I'm the one who is supposed to pick you up!"
"I kinda have to tell you something..." Alexian's face fell.
"What is it? Is something wrong?"
"Oh no. It's just, I've got to go on a mission tomorrow, and-"
"A mission? I hope it's not dangerous!" I looked anywhere else except at Alexian's face.
"Ummm, no it's not." I was not good at lying. Not to Alexian.
"What is it, I can tell you're not telling me something" An eyebrow raised. Oh, I was not good at this.
"I can't tell you. It's a secret..." Alexian's eyes widened in realisation.
"Oh, okay. I get it. We're still on for tonight right though?"
"Wouldn't miss it. Can we climb a tree this time?" I loved climbing trees, and was so happy to be off the subject of battles.
"Sure. You know, I don't know why more couples don't do this. It's great fun."

After a lovely night with Alexian, full of climbing trees and seeing who could climb the highest (it was me) I finally came home, got into my bed, and drifted into a happy, blissful sleep. The though of the mission tomorrow morning was completely out of my thoughts. But not for long.

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