Dark Design ~ An Original Group Story

In the country of Adenasei, the land is split off into five Regions. Four of them are in great conflict and war will break out at any moment. Little do they know that amidst their selfish bickering, one Region is planning an uprising to overpower them all and take control of the entire country.

Four people will be brought together and learn that they need to set aside their differences if they are to survive and save their people. Will they have what it takes to reunite the five Regions?

Chapter 3

Kito Frater

"You girls always make me feel so welcomed." I smiled at my admirers as we sat eating dinner. They had made it, of course. I never had to lift a finger with them around.

They giggled at the comment. "We love you Kito!" One of the girls exclaimed.

"Here, have some more dessert!" Another girl said, holding out a spoonful of strawberry sauce.

"No thanks, I'm full really. You guys did an excellent job, as expected." I stood up, disentangling myself from them.

"Aww! Your going already? But you just got here!" Said a girl with slightly messy hair and a small, cute smile. She was actually pretty close to my type, not that I'd ever go out with her though. I'm a free spirit, and nobody can tie me down.

"I'm sorry girls, I have to go to training. Promise you'll keep the place warm for me, alright?" They smiled, all nodding in agreement. I pulled on my black cloak and walked to the door. I turned back to my fans. "Till we meet again, my lovelies" I said and then did my signature pose. Pointed at them with my index finger, thumb up, and giving them a wink. They all squealed.

I left them like that, a smirk on my face. It was just too easy. I was the best sorcerer in my region with hardly any effort. Natural born talent that I am. It didn't take long for the girls to start falling all over me. Not that I'm complaining. I liked the attention, but sometimes it felt like such a burden having to be around them. They got jealous of any girl I was seen alone with, and even some men, which I couldn't understand. Sure, I'm a catch, but that doesn't mean you can go all crazy. Or maybe, it was a given.

I smile, nodding to myself. 'That's right, it can't be helped. Girls will be girls'.

As I made my way to the training hall, everyone turned to stare. It wasn't everyday that they could see me, so they always turned my way. Most eyes were filled with admiration for me. Some, with jealousy. Understandable.

"Hi Kito!" Girls called from the windows above me.

I smiled up at them, giving a wink. "Hey girls. You all look ravishing today." They giggled waving as I passed. I got similar greetings from more girls, and replied in the same manner. So predictable.

And then the training hall came into view. It was a squat little building. Relatively small with little to no windows. What was weird though, was there was no sound coming out. Usually when I ascend the hill of which the training hall occupies, I hear the laughter, jeers, and outcries of the other elite sorcerers. But there was none. Not a single sound.

I walked silently and cautiously, opening the door only enough to get inside. Could something have happened? Or was I just being paranoid? I mean, no one could possible beat the elite. In fact, just one was pretty much the equivalence of twenty skilled warriors.

Inside, it was deserted. I tensed, and continued my quiet search. Turning every corner, ready to attack. But, everyone was empty. And when I looked in the last room, I still hadn't seen anyone.

"You know, you really need to work on those observation skills." I turned around quickly, a spell on the tip of my lips and arms at the ready. But stopped just as suddenly.

"Vrillo?" I said, startled. He was an older member of the elite squad. I didn't have much of an opinion of him. He was really too old to go out on missions and really only used as an instructor. "What's happened? Where are the others?"

"Well, if you paid more attention to things we said and didn't skip out of training, you'd be more aware of current events. Such as, today being a day off." He folded his arms, watching for my response.

"Why'd we have a day off? It wasn't mentioned yesterday."

Vrillo rolled his eyes in exasperation. "If you'd had been on time, you would have known this earlier and I wouldn't have had to wait for you. Something came up and training had to be cancelled. As it stands, I'm the only available instructor today."

"Oh? Then what about Taiyo? I noticed he wasn't here yesterday either. Is he on a mission right now?"

"Ah, Taiyo. Yes, he is." Vrillo said, nodding.

"But, why didn't he tell me, unless..." Realization came, it must have been orders from the King! Otherwise he would have told me. Since from the time I was young, Taiyo had been like a father to me, a little orphan that had been abandoned by the training hall late at night. He tells me everything, but the Kings orders aren't discussed openly with others. No matter how close they are.

"Well, if it's a day off, I'll be going." I said, turning to leave.

"Just a minute, Kito. You still don't who you're father and mother are, do you?" Vrillo asked.

I turned back to him slowly. "No, I do not. Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden?"

Vrillo shrugged. "No reason, really. Have a nice day off, and please, take sometime to practice on your own. Unlike the others, you actually need it."

Ready to retort, I stopped myself. I should really learn to let those things go. So I left. Heading to Taiyo's house. I had an extra key, though I didn't live there anymore. Maybe in private, he would be able to discuss his mission. That is, if he had returned.

I unlocked the door and entered quietly. The house was just as quiet. Taiyo's house has only three rooms. The bathroom, his bedroom and a small kitchen/dining room. I made myself at home. Laying down on his cot and relaxing. I could almost pretend I was a child again. I couldn't tell you how many times I had snuck into Taiyo's cot, which always seemed more comfortable than my own.

And then, someone was shaking me. "Kito. Why are you in my house?" A familiar voice demanded. I opened my eyes squinting up into Taiyo's face. He was young still, in his late thirties. And he was handsome. But, I would say that my more youthful charm drew the ladies to me. Taiyo still got plenty of attention though.

I blinked at Taiyo, sitting up. "I must have fallen asleep. I came because I wanted to talk to you. I glanced out the window, seeing darkness. "Wait a minute! What time is it?" I exclaimed, getting to my feet.

"It's past the sun's time, as I'm sure you can tell. But the day's probably passed by now. What is so important that you came to my house to discuss?"

"Oh right." I said, coming back to what was important. "It's about your mission. Was it, ordered by the king?"

Taiyo blinked, then sighed. "You know, there are rules the king has set. Even if I wanted to, I can't tell you."

"But, what kind of mission was it? That the King himself asked you to do it?"

"Kito." He said, exasperated. "I really can't tell you. And, honestly, I don't want to tell you either. It will not only put you in danger, but is not something I can speak of lightly." I watched him sit down on the cot and start undressing. "Now, if you would please take your leave, I am very tired and need to rest."

I stood there still, being a little stubborn. I had a pretty good idea what it might be. What he had been instructed to do. He must have killed a man. No, must have killed a lot of men, with the other Elite. "Okay, I understand. I won't press you." I turned to leave, but Taiyo stopped me.

"Please be careful, Kito. If people find out that you are close to me, you have to be prepared. I meet a lot of people on my missions, and not many of them are friendly."

I watched him for a moment, taken aback. His face was serious, he really thought I was in danger. "Okay Taiyo. I will be on my guard. But who would dare attack me?" I smirked. "An Elite of Drakenlore. One of the most fearsome Sorcerers you could ever meet."

Taiyo didn't smile. He just laid down, closing his eyes. "Shut the door quietly when you leave, okay?"

Maybe is actually was serious. For him to act like this. I left, the door closing softly behind me. I searched the surrounding trees and nearby houses, trying to find any movement. But found none. I continued searching as I made my way to my own home. There was nothing I saw. Not a single thing out of place. I entered my one room house, finally relaxing.

I rested myself on my own cot, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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