Dark Design ~ An Original Group Story

In the country of Adenasei, the land is split off into five Regions. Four of them are in great conflict and war will break out at any moment. Little do they know that amidst their selfish bickering, one Region is planning an uprising to overpower them all and take control of the entire country.

Four people will be brought together and learn that they need to set aside their differences if they are to survive and save their people. Will they have what it takes to reunite the five Regions?

Chapter 2

Fajra Abailard

I paced as I waited for the others in my faction to arrive in the grove. My navy blue cloak swept the ground behind my black boots as I walked, my mouth murmuring some incantations, just in case.

The sound of snapping twigs alerted me to the presence of Finn, one of the other sorcerers in the Circle. He never had learned to shut his mouth.

"You are a true idiot, you know that?" I said as soon as the footsteps stopped.

"And why have I suddenly become subject to such sour emotions as yours?" he murmured, struggling to bring his high-pitched voice down to a normal octave.

"For one, your voice. For another, all of you are late. I told Almos to get you lot about five hours ago!" I stopped pacing to look at the dark-skinned man.

"It is not of my fault that you managed to choose him as your messenger. Just because he was your best friend when you were young. . . er, younger, doesn't mean that he has to have all of the privileges that you can spare for him," Finn looked away at his comment on my age-19.

"But he saved me. He kept me as his own sister. I owe him for that. And it is not my fault that the High General chose me to lead this circle. I have no choice in that matter," a ball of light appeared in my hand as I spoke, reminding Finn of my favored type of magic.

"Be at peace, Fajra. It isn't Finn's fault that he managed to inherit less brain cells than the rest of us," one of the other members of my battalion walked into the clearing, Taika, Finn's twin.

"I am at peace," I muttered, sitting on my stump as the others began appearing. There were twelve of us in total. Myself, Finn, Taika, Dagda, Eitri, Rune, Dovev, Zeph, Velia, Cedric, Terra, and Wren. Each of us were more advanced in different kinds of magic, though we all practiced all of the subgroups, just in case one of went insane from the things we saw and had to be. . . shut down.

I have seen it happen before. With my parents. They had lost it to the power of magic, and their colleagues had to destroy them. That was how I had ended up with my best friend as my brother. Years later, my powers had been revealed, and I was given a tutor to help control my powers.

Now, years later, I was given the job of commanding general of the King's Circle, a group of other sorcerers chosen by the king to complete certain tasks.

I took roll call silently, simultaneously checking for intruders and impostors. Findings none, I close off the grove with a wave of my hand.

"I say, Fajra, you look positively furious, my dear," Velia filed away at her nails as she sat on her stump. "You should relax more often."

"With a war going on? Are you insane, Velia?" Wren flitted from stump to stump, refusing to stay on the ground with the rest of us.

"I thought that was a given," Zeph chuckled to himself, lightly punching the quiet Dovev.

"All right, quiet down, quiet down. I have called this meeting for a reason, understood? I have received orders directly from the king." I called out to the group, putting on my "commanding officer" voice.

I paused, knowing that the group would start talking about this. Usually, our orders came from the High General, or one of the other Circles. But orders directly from the king? Practically unheard of, even for his chosen Circle.

"Well, it's bloody time we were appreciated by His Royal Highness," Eitri shouted over the rest of the group. "After all of our running about and. . . killing, it is about time he told us something himself!"

I stood up, immediately silencing the group as I drew myself to my full height of 6"1'. "Believe me, this is not going to be considered good news."

"And why is that?" Terra asked calmly, her green eyes surveying the group, assessing those who seemed to be less stable than the rest.

"Because we're being sent in as a kamikaze decoy." I growled as Eitri opened his mouth to say something else. "He wants us to attack at the heart of the Morendel region. While we lay dying from however many wounds we receive, he will send in other sorcerers and soldiers to take down Morendel. We may win, but the twelve of us will die."

"Well, aren't you willing to die for our cause?" Terra's eyes turned to me for assessment, as was her training.

"If I agreed with our cause, I would. If I knew our cause, I may agree with it."

"But our cause is of purity! How could we be wrong?" Wren finally touched the ground as doubt reached into her heart as sure as the shadows surrounding us.

"Then what is our cause? Because if any of you have known it, it has been long kept from me. Do any of you know our cause? Our reason to fight and die? Because I bloody don't!" I shouted. The glen fell silent, only the sound of leaves in the wind could be heard.

"We leave in the morning," I said, removing my shielding spells from the grove.

"But you just said-" Cedric yelled.

"I just said we were leaving in the morning. I think it is time we saw the 'great region of Morendel.' Maybe we can find assistance there. Maybe we can be free. We leave at dawn."

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