Well I have lost everything.

House fire...

Chapter 1

My house is burnt

Cannot believe how quickly things can happen. It was bad luck.

Last weekend my mums car caught fire and it spread to the house. The front windows exploded and upstairs windows all cracked and broke. It was horrendous, thank god my family are all safe. But basically everything in the house is lost and ruined. So the fire was only downstairs but the black soot coats everything, upstairs downstairs all of the furniture and all of our things.

My mum was practically left homeless by the council and I'm with my dad. It was heartbreaking to stand and watch, hopeless, my house covered in flames. Downstairs the floors covered in broken glass, and everythings soaked by the water. Upstairs you cannot touch anything as you get covered in soot. My familys in bits at the minute and I cannot say how horrible it was. I never saw my mum swear, yell and sob like she did. I have a 5 year old brother and he was hysterical. Also my 2 year old sister. They are both safe, thank god.

I'd also like to say that because the firemen where on strike it took them half an hour to arrive from a different town, if they had been in our town then the house would have been fine. Somebody could have been seriously injured due to the amount of time we were waiting but thankfully no-one was. We do have a fire station 2 mintues away but of course they were on strike. This has made me very angry, if they don't like the pay why don't they just get another job? Our house would not be ruined if they hadn't been on strike.

Thanks for reading.


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