Deleting (Shout outs, explanations, thank you's)

Now I know I said before I was leaving Quibblo, and didn't thankfully ^_^, but this time it's for real D:

Chapter 1

Deleting for real now

by: Miki_
So a while back I told you guys I was quitting/taking a break which I kinda and kinda didn't do. I also promised to finish a certain story. So, friends of quibblo, all my 59-60-ish I forget people, I'll miss you. The reason is obvious, Quibblo has died down too much. For the stories I never finished, make your own ending! For Elements, I may be posting them on Watpad or DeviantArt! (Animetrex like always). I have a LOT of shout outs.

General Zod (Nyghtdawn)

You're awesome!!! I love how you advertised the 'Quibblo Resurrection' thingy and hope it works! I loved seeing your name in my inbox soooo much!

Mark (Mark_McKinney)

I LOVE YOUR POLLS! They always brightened my day and took me FOREVER to answer which I LOVED! Thank you for sharing your brilliance!

Alexis (Alexis117)

Alexis, oh Alexis, you were always cool in your own way. I l-o-v-e-d how you made a picture contest, and all those other challenges!!! HEARTS FOREVER!

Annaxandra (DiBenedetto09, better known as Scorn)

Your stories, unique! Your personality, unique! Your everything, unique! Your a giant cake with unique frosting and unique toppings and unique EVERYTHING!!!

(TomBoy1, don't know your real name >_<)

Two words: Wolf brofist.

And lastly, the final person I must thank,

Aimee (xXWhiteBlackXx)

Aimee, oh my gosh!!! You brought me out of my nooby stages of quibblo, were my first friend on Quibblo, AND made me feel confident on sending friend requests! Not many people can say they have found a person like that on Quibblo!

I'm sorry if I didn't include you here, I HATE when someone doesn't have you D:
But thanks for reading my goodbye and I love all of yeah! I'm deleting tommorow at 5 or so.


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