Quibblo's Resurection

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Chapter 1

Lets band together

by: Hayato
I'm sure its not any suprise to anyone when we notice well quibblo has died down a lot. Scrolling over old quizzes that used to be so much fun to take. looking at friends who you talked to all the time but last signed in five months ago. Writing competitons that used to be so much fun had suddenly disappeared. Life on quibblo has been dull and not much to do which in results makes others not want to come on and more importantly makes new members not want to stay and see the true glory of quibblo.

Thats why i say to resurect quibblo to its former glory we all create one quiz a day for everyone to take.

Secondly we should have a co adminsfor quibblo when he is not around like an unofficial admins choosen by the people like a council. Someone who is on very often,has a lot of popularity on quibblo and can be responsible enough to carry the future of quibblo onto their shoulders.
The most seen names commented for this postiton will be candidates for helping quibblo get back on its feet.
If you think this is what we need for quibblo rate this and share it withyour friends and everywhere on quibblo. The more reads and rates the faster we can fix quibblo


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