Update 3! Abuse and other stuff!

Chapter 1

Third Update!

by: Miki_
I have not done an update in a while, so I'll just make one. In the time since the last update, I have finished two chapters of Elements (still, don't read!!!), an original story in a texting format, a guide of Emoji's to copy and paste, a survey and a poll on an awesome show called RWBY, my own Book of Rants, a comedic love poem, a joke that no one saw coming, a scored quiz to pick the most sarcastic answer, a quiz to see which guy you would date in my school, changed my profile pic and theme, a poll asking if 'under god' should be removed from the USA national anthem, and a pretty serious poll, describing an abusive person who I am being abused by! Wow I did a lot of stuff!

So according to the people who took the abuse poll, I am being abused. A thing I forgot to mention is the abuser gets lonely, so they force me to be around them. Problem is, I don't want to. So, they hit me, slap me, kick me, etc until I agree. I think it is time to reveal my exact reason I can't not be around this person. He is a male family member who lives in the same house as I. I can't just not be around him, if I try to go away from him, he comes to me. Tell me in the comments what I should do! D:

Elements news!

On a happier and less serious mention, I have completed two chapters of Elements, as said earlier. This makes 9 chapters in total so far. I am planning on 20, so I will work a little faster on em.

I have SIX saved drafts! Whoa! Half are unfinished short stories, two are unfinished chapters for stories, and the last is a TV Shows tournament round one. o.o

I have 268 unread messages, I have no time to either read every single thing or delete them XD.

Well, now i'm in a situation with nothing to talk about... oh! I'm making a second FNAF survey for the second game.

So thanks for reading this times update!


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