Group Story Sign Ups! (Authors Chosen! Chapter 3)

Chapter 1

Really really excited!

by: NyghtDawn
"Dark Design"

(Hope this title isn't already taken by someone...)


In the country of Adenasei, the land is split off into five regions: Drakenlore, Morendel, Arculan, Alzia-Eltor, and Uturi. Four of them are in great conflict and war will break out at any moment. Little do they know that amidst their selfish bickering, one region is planning an uprising to overpower them all and take control of the entire country.

Four people, each one from a different region, will be kidnapped during a small battle, by the fifth region, and thought to be dead by their own. Those four will be brought to the fifth region and it will be there that they all meet and realize that they will have to set aside their differences and work together if they want to survive and save the rest of their people from the horrors they've seen.


This is going to be a fantasy based, slower paced story. I would like people who know what they are doing (meaning: experienced writers) and who are able to coordinate well with the other authors. I need three more authors.

Please, keep the jokes and humor minimal, I would really like to keep this story more professional.

I would also like there to be an even number of male and female characters so there can be a little romance added in. Although, this is only going to be a very small side plot. Don't forget the main story-line. Remember to coordinate with the author's character before blatantly showing major signs of affection between characters.

Also, try not to keep all of your species the same. I would prefer an even number of sorcerers and humans. Preferably one male sorcerer, one female sorcerer, and one female human. My character is the male human. And remember to keep your characters all from different regions. Communication will more than likely be needed.

If you have ideas that will effect the main plot and characters other than yours, YOU NEED TO TALK WITH THE OTHER AUTHORS ABOUT IT! No surprises when it comes to really big plots that will effect everyone else. I want this to be very well written and surprises will throw people off.


I'm not sure if this is "first come, first serve" yet so just in case, please leave a sample of your writing in the comments below.


- Keeping cursing minimal (No eff's, please! If I find you are adding too much, I will tell you)

- No s^xual themes (Kissing is allowed but a good story CAN go without s^xual themes)

- No homosexuality (Please do not be offended by this. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this story and I know some, when there is homosexuality included, will not read it. And some won't even write with it, and I want to give everyone that is interested an equal chance of writing. That and considering the "time period" this is set in, it wouldn't really be accepted and probably considered illegal so please, respect this rule)

- Keep your characters in moderately modest clothing (just no going out in only a bra, that's nasty!)

- Don't bring any conflict or drama you may have with the other authors into the writing. That's just stupid. Your character is not you and their character is not them.

- If there are rules you would like to have set, please talk to me about it and we can work something out (I'm very understanding when it comes to things you will and will not write so don't be afraid to say something!)

Any disobeying of these rules, and you will immediately get kicked out from the story. If you are the type of person who feels so inclined as to disobey any of these, just walk away, right now. If you disobey them, I will give you no mercy whatsoever and you will be out, just like that. And your character will later be maliciously tortured, beaten, and murdered and you may or may not be replaced by a new author and a new character. I will leave you all the rights to your character, so afterwards just do as you please with them.

These are the rules that are set. I will never change them, under any circumstance, so don't even bring it up.


Adinasei (Thank Animetrex for this suggestion!)
Pronunciation: Ah-dee-nuh-say
Remember, this one is the country. Not a region


- Drakenlore
Pronunciation: Dr-ay-k-en-l-or

- Morendel TAKEN
Pronunciation: More-en-dell

- Arculan (Again! Thank Animetrex!)
Pronunciation: Ar-coo-lon

- Alzia-Eltor
Pronunciation: Ah-l-z-eye-uh-el-tor

- Uturi (mainly sorcerers) You may not have your character be from here
Pronunciation: Oo-t-oo-r-ee

Species information:

- Human: Have kingdoms and use swords, bows and arrows, axes, etc. to fight. Are the main species.

- Sorcerer: Live with the humans in their kingdoms and are accepted among them. Mainly use magical tomes to fight but will use regular weapons if needed. Each one specializes in a certain type of magic. This can include elements or other things you may think of. Each one can also use the general magic. There is some healing magic but it is minimal. Generally wear cloaks.

Character template:

Age: (18-23)
Species: (human/sorcerer)
Eye color:
Hair color/style: (I would like this to be somewhat anime-ish so unique colored hair is allowed)
Skin tone:
Other unique physical traits: (if any)
Reference picture: (You do not need one but it would be nice if you could find a picture that looks like your character, anime or real)
General personality traits:
Good personality traits:
Bad personality traits:
Region: (Drakenlore, Arculan, Alzia-Eltor)
Preffered weapon: (If a sorcerer, what is their favorite type of magic to use)

More character development is needed throughout the story
I will put my character up in chapter two.

Alright! Can't wait to get started! Just have fun with it :)

Update: This is not "first come, first serve." I will be choosing characters based on uniqueness, originality, and the authors writing style. UNIQUENESS IN A CHARACTER WILL MAKE ME MORE LIKELY TO PICK YOU!

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