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Chapter 1

by: Ripple_
Swati, or Youngtech- you were my first ever friend on this website. You were fifteen when we first started talking- holy crap, I guess you'd have to be nineteen now. I'm sorry we lost contact; you were a good friend.

Amanda, holy crap, your Assassins Creed fanfictions were incredible. I fell in love with Altair because of you. You were also the first of my friends to leave. I've always kind of suspected that I valued our friendship way more than you ever did; probably, you don't remember me. Whatever. I won't forget you.

Ash- you were fantastic. Holy crap, I loved you. You were my best friend on here for so long, it's weird that you're a stranger now, and I don't even remember your real name.

Andreea, or Dudete. Okay, we're still in touch, a little. You mostly message me by accident on Skype when you get me confused with your other friend called Sarah- but if that's what it takes to start the increduble conversations that we have, so be it.

TheKingOfPillowLand, you were crazy, and fantastic. Thanks man.

ManyLetters, I feel like I knew you for so long. Despite what you might think of yourself, you're sweet and a beautiful person.

Charlie, Finbar, Gomez, whatever man. You were a boy who pretended to be a girl and also two older guys and a whole bunch of people, and you lied about your age and basically you were a little bit of a douche- but there was that one time when my parents were splitting up (splitting up for the first time) and I'd found out about how I might be moving away from my friends and I logged into Quibblo crying, and the comment you'd left on my profile the night before made me laugh despite all that. I think it was something about Jareth's crotch. I'll always appreciate things like that.

Darth. Sweetheart. You were too good for all of us and I never stopped checking your profile for the day when you'd sign in and tell us all that you were okay and that you knew we loved you.

JohnSmith- you were such an asshat.

xJohnny- you were a bigger asshat. It's crazy to think you were my introduction to the world of trolling.

iRoosCullen, you sang that cover of The Only Exception once and whenever I get that song stuck in my head it's your voice that I hear.

RJVD. The sucky thing is, I barely remember you. We used to be friends, though, and I don't know; I guess we were close once. I'm sorry about how bad I am at keeping in touch.

Elena, you're going to be something fantastic and I'll remember your name when you're famous.

Bree. You know, I always wanted to message you and start a conversation with you. I wanted to be your best friend, but you just seemed too cool, you know? You're beautiful and your stories are beautiful. You were something special.

CharmingPotion, I remember when I sent you that friend request. I barely ever sent out friend requests, but you posted some derisive comment about mainstream music, and I liked how you were opinionated and not afraid to say what you thought. When my cat died, you said something to me about how you knew there was an afterlife for cats. If anyone else had told me that, I would have thought, "You have no idea, leave me alone and stop being so pretentious." But when you said it, I honestly believed you.

Ithilwen. You've been around forever. You were a constant, and that's nice. I love you and it will be weird without you.

DrHydroFlame, we never played AQW together. What's up with that? I remember that time you had that big discussion with Oliver on the story I wrote, 'Vibrations'. I was so angry about that at the time; now, I find the whole thing hilarious. We should stay in touch or something. We could still sleigh Frogzards sometime. It'd be fun.

ThatEnglishGuy, I have, like, an ocean of respect for you. I remember going to your profile after knowing you for about a year and being all like "Whooa, flow is wolf backwards!" Also there was that time when I messaged you in the small hours of the morning, delirious and hysterical and screaming something about Skulduggery Pleasant. There was also the other time when I messaged you, and I basically ended up insulting your almost-date to prom (can't remember if it was actually prom or just a random dance or something, but whatever.) then I spent the next three days fretting over whether I'd offended you. I made the exact same joke to a guy at my school, and he laughed for ages, so I thought it would be okay. I'm sure the girl was a total babe.

Wow Oliver, you got the longest paragraph and I kind of barely know you. You lucky son of a dangus, you must be doing something right.

Nera, ppft, you're basically the only person who still talks to me. Thanks; that's really cool of you. If I knew you in real life, we'd either be best friends or I'd be too awkward to ever talk to you and I'd just kind of admire how awesome you are from the sidelines.

God damn, there were others who I've forgotten about. I love you all. I'm going to miss the time I spent here. It's been four- almost four and a half years, now. I was eleven when I joined; now I'm going on sixteen. The website's dying and I've moved on.

When I was a kid, I said something, I only remember the gist but what I wrote was probably something along the lines of:

"Guys, dw, I love this website so much and I promise I'm not going to leave until I'l 1000 and my hands are brittle!!111!!"

I actually kind of thought I'd stick around into adulthood. Maybe if the community had stayed the same, if none of my friends had left and the old owners had stuck around, I would have stayed. This isn't the same website I joined, though; my people are kind of gone, ya know? There are still a few of you, but it's just getting tired.

Man, I dunno. I feel shoddy saying this, like I'm trying to say something worthwhile and then I'm just tagging this generic teenager bullshite at the end- but guys, guys, I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO LEAVE QUIBBLO, BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU. So, Facebook, guys. If you feel up to it, just add me. Holy crap, don't even think about being all "Eehh she probably doesn't know me that well, she'd be creeped out if I added her." I honestly don't care.


If Facebook feels too personal, there's my Skype-

(which, by the way, I picked the username for when I was like 12)


^Note that that's three l's in Marshmalllow, because I've always sucked at typing.

If you're not going to keep in touch with me, then at least remember me or something, yeah? Sarah Sayers; I swear to god, I'll be a famous writer or a tattoo artist, or a really spectacularly huge screw-up someday, or something.

I remember when I first joined Quibblo, bright-eyed and innocent- I didn't know how to navigate the website, and I got 'lost', couldn't find my profile, panicked, closed the website, didn't come back until the next day. It's kind of funny, heheh.

Thanks for reading,




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