Hi, everybody, I'm back! ♥

Hey, Quibblonians! First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for not unfriending or blocking me for not coming online in a while. I am so sorry - and if you're not mad at me, then thank you so much! I have been away from Quibblo - and my whole normal life - for a while. Read below for purposes! But I do wonder whether anyone has noticed my absence at all. If not, then that is great, because we can now continue Quibblo just like we always do! ~~ Hayley~ ♥

Chapter 1

You have no idea how much I missed Quibblo! ♥

Hey, all Quibblonians - I'm finally back to the wonderful home of Quibblo!

Quibblonians, I missed you all so much! You have no idea what life was like without Quibblo. It's like a day without sunlight, or a night without stars! The reason why I was away for so long was because I was taking part in a charity donation fundraising programme, and I went down to Bougainville for an education programme for the students there. Our charity fundraising programme is looking to build some more schools there. I have successfully spent a month in Bougainville, and I have raised over $1000 for World Vision - which is worth it! Weeks without fresh food or water, weeks without the Internet or books, weeks without socializing... It was a long and hard time, but I survived it!

I can't even describe in words just how much I missed Quibblo. If I'm in one of your group stories, please don't discontinue it because I still would like to continue writing for them. I would really appreciate it if you didn't skip my chapter or remove me or simply discontinue the story! I would especially love to continue Project Solstice as I know my chapter has been taking a while! It's all ready now and ready to post, as soon as you are ready, give me a shout!

I promise I'll be on Quibblo more! Thank you, everyone - I missed you so much!


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