Group Story Idea and Writers Needed

I'm wanting to write a paranormal story. I will need four writers counting me. Two girls and two boys. Read on for idea and character form.

Chapter 1

Paranormal Story

So here's the rough plot line.
We're a group of paranormal investigators who travel around to different places and do an investigation and try to figure out what went down to make the place haunted. We will encounter poltergeists, kindred spirits, demons, restless spirits, etc. You can have a special ability or you can be normal. It's up to you. The special ability must be related to the spirit world.
From the time you are assigned the chapter, you will have five days to write your chapter. If you do not get it done, you will be skipped. If you are skipped three times in a row, you will be replaced by a different writer. You have from now to Sunday night to apply. Either comment it or pm me your information.
Here is the form.

Age: (18-22)
Special Ability (if you want one)
What the ability means:

Here's mine.
Name: Windy Kapola
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Looks: Tall, thin, long platinum blonde hair, piercing green eyes, wears black clothing and black make up.
Personality: Gothic, quiet, somber, daring, caring with people she loves, and wants to help the dead.
Special Ability: Medium/Psychic
What the ability means: She can sense and communicate with the dead. She has visions where she can see what happened in the area she is standing to cause it to be haunted. She can also touch something and have a vision seeing the past and what happened.

If you are confused or lost about any of this, feel free to message me. Also, if your form is going to take up more than one comment, please message your info to me. Multiple comments for one form gets confusing. I need one more girl and two guys. There will be swearing so if you do not like it and you're not comfortable writing it, this story isn't for you.

So there you go. Hope I have some takers because I'm excited about this. I will also need help deciding on a title.

Later guys.


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