Our Lives: Our Sins

Our Lives: Our Sins

I'm sure you all know your history, if not then you are about to get a crash course. There are eight types of people in this world which we will elaborate on later. For now, let me just remind you of how they interact with each other and how things stand right now, then we will go back to the start.

(The Story Title image is "Classy Zombie" by CindarellaPop)

Chapter 1

A Lesson in Racism

Racism is a real problem in our lives today.
Currently, America is overrun by Demons with the next largest demographic being Angels and the next either being Zombies or Ghosts, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you; historically Demons have always held or sprung from pockets of political power all over the world. What is strange is that America is the first example of Demons holding, not just power, but majority power.
I'll say now just to make it clear that I am not racist; I do not hate Demons for being Demons, in fact, I don't hate them at all; I simply find America's status as a Demonic outlier interesting.
Couple that with the fact Angels are the next largest group in that geographic area and it's no stretch to say that America is truly a land where anything is possible. Truth be told, I am honestly shocked that the two groups haven't torn each other apart yet, but I digress.
While we are on the topic of rivals throughout history; however, and as it relates to our next majorities, I am sure you are all aware of how ridiculous the notion of the cohabitation of Zombies and Ghosts is.
Ever since world war II when the Ghosts tormented and imprisoned thousands of Zombies relations between the two races have been passive aggressive in the best of cases.... actively aggression more often than not. In any case, it is best we move on before that topic makes me lose my repose.
While the undead were having their fun in Europe the Angels began their assault on the then predominantly lycanthropic America. The Angels flew over dozens at a time and called down heavenly fire on the wolf-men.
Many lives were lost from this tactic on both sides and the Werewolves became enraged. Never having been attacked on their home soil, the beast's terrible rage was... unrivaled. The man-beasts waged war on the Angels and lost many lives. In the end, the Lycanthropes surprised the entire world; having found a way to harness their own heavenly fire, the Werewolves took a page from Hammurabi's book and smote the Angels without hesitation; thus, the war was ended.
After learning that, you may be wondering how America became what it is today, what happened to those powerful Werewolves? Truth is that they simply dwindled; having lose much of their numbers it was easy for the Demons to usurp them during celebration without even a fight. At the same time many of the Zombies who had escaped persecution in Europe fled here.
The Angels that rival the Demons here, however, are not the same that fought with the wolves, after America's victory and rise to power a wave of ascension passed over the humans of the land creating brand new "divinity".
Going back a bit, it is worth noting that even though America has changed its majority time and time again originally it was founded by the Vampires, who, as I am sure you are aware, are not by any stretch of the phrase "power-hungry".
I could go back farther which may prove to be interesting; however, I fear it will be of no use, truth be told you only more or less need to know world war II and onward to understand the current standing of the world as long as you keep in mind that while the Vampires do not hold status as a political power they do boaster the most numbers of all the races.
Now our lesson shall progress to post-WWII and eventually into present day. I am sure you are aware of the 9/11 attacks on America? When a second pack of Werewolves took New York by surprise, killing many Americans when sadly without a substantial pack of their own America could not smite this pack as they had done to the Angels. Their retaliation instead was strategic and underwhelming, but to the best of their abilities.
That covers seven of the eight races; the last being the Gargoyles. Gargoyles from time to time have rose to power in the past, but now more or less are endangered and rarely take any sides in conflict.
There you have it, the racial standing of this world in a nutshell.
Now that you have been reminded of how the world actually works I would like you to think about which race you are and what that means for you. I would also like you to think about which races, if any, you are prejudice against. Be truthful to yourself, everyone is a little bit racist.
I won't ask you to share with me your answers, we just met after all, but I hope you learned something from this. Now on to my story.

I was born a human, as is everyone, a little before the new millennia into a large family living in rural America; the bible belt, it was called. I remember as a small child I would spend hours sitting on the porch swing outside our large house on a hill thinking about what might become of me, what race I might join as my life unfolds.
At my youngest I remember being secretly dreading the idea that I may wind up corrupting into a Demon. I was rightfully worried as many signs pointed toward that conclusion. Again I will state that I am not nor have I ever been racist against Demon, but the thought of becoming one... the thought of being more or less hated by the Angels and the Vampires; the two races I most coveted... that was enough to turn me away from any notion I may have had that being a Demon would be alright.
And so, as many children do, I began to try to improve myself; to shape myself in such a way that I would not become one of an undesired race. It worked wonders. I soon showed very little signs of Demonic tendencies and was the spitting image of a promising Vampire or Angel or maybe a hybrid of the two.
For a time I was happy, but having a taste of what I thought would be the ideal life quickly showed me how wrong I was. I learned soon what jerks Angels tended to be when no one was around and I grew to hate them while at the same time I learned the plight of the Vampire, free spirits who, through their good intentions and goals of happiness generally tend to hurt those around them one way or another.
I never really played much sports and as such had a lot of free time so I had a lot of time to worry and daydream about this, especially during storms simply because as the porch overlooked the hill and I loved both storms and heights that was my Elysium. Even when my train of thought would escape me and my mind fabricated nightmare scenarios if I were there I was alright.
Except when we moved I no longer had such a place. In my late high school career my family moved to a small house on the edge of town, still on a hill, but not the same. So I dealt with living there as best I could with my siblings, two of my sisters had become vampires while a third ascended to divinity, good on them, that honestly surprised me entirely.
But here I was stuck, with no path to follow, I made it through high school and moved in with my father for the summer at this point in the dilemma of my young life I was Eighteen years old and I was about to start college and I was aimless. The things that I had thought I always wanted no longer appealed to me while the things I knew I never wanted were just as attractive as always and for a summer I showed strong signs of what I would have called "losing my way" and becoming a Gargoyle.
I would have hated being a Gargoyle. Who wants to spend the day sleeping in stone? It just didn't appeal to me, but even as I knew that fate could not be permitted to become my own and I knew that I could turn any day I did not make any effort to change my ways. It was almost an act of surrender in a way, depression that could have destroyed my life.
I dropped hints here and there to people close to me, I made jokes of suicide even, but they never took me seriously and I was never ready... it was always too painful... to be serious about it.
And then one day it all just clicked.
One thing that I had always overlooked and misjudged about myself as it could be misconstrued in so many ways was my ambition. Originally I had mistaken it for a Demonic tendency, and in some it is, however, I came to the realization that my ambition did not direct me towards Hell or towards foulness; rather, my ambition was that of a survivalist.
I did not hold freedom to be absolute as the Vampires do. I did not feel the rage that burns within the Lycanthropes. The echoing hollowness of the haunting did not ring true in my soul, nor did the all consuming taint of Hell's influence and no longer did the escapism of depression turn my drive to stone.
I was to be what I always was unknowingly on the path to become; a Zombie. Those with enough motivation to keep going even as they decay, those with goals so important they can't even stop for death.
Once again I was happy, a pleasant life was in my reach. The certainty of such a fact elated me and lifted my spirit such that I was sure I would never be unhappy again because nothing could hurt me, nothing to stop me or even get in my way, I was who I was and all I wanted to be.
I went to sleep that night overjoyed, feeling better than I could ever remember, feeling true contentment with myself... And then I woke up.
When a human is between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one they will mature and turn, I knew that, and I actually was so sure I had found my path that I expected it that very night. What I had not expected was that I was so overjoyed by finally knowing my place in the world that I lost it... the knowledge of where I belonged lifted my spirits so much that they were lifted in more than just the figurative sense and as I slumbered sure that the un-death would take hold of me I ascended.
In a cruel twist of irony, I rose to become what had started as my preference but had come to be my least favorite of the races. I was an Angel. Good God, it was like someone had asked the ignorant five year old version of me what I would want, giving him full control of the most important decision of my life, I don't know if you can relate, but it was both infuriating and overwhelmingly depressing.
As soon as I find out exactly what I want all chance of that ever happening being ripped away... I stayed in bed for a long time that morning, longer than I ever had and I could feel the hot ichor running through my veins, especially to my wings. I hated those wings... the thought crossed my mind that I could tear them off and act as if I stayed human... it's unlikely but it does rarely happen. Where would that have left me? A wingless, self-hating, depressed Angel... I should just kill myself.
I rose my arm to attempt to call down heavenly fire and smite myself like I knew all Angels could and I hear a sickening crack... the sickening crack of stiff limbs... the sickening crack of the old bones of a corpse having been still for hours.
I jump out of bed and rush to the mirror, joints cracking the whole way and I can't help but produce an ear to ear grin when two milky-white eyes stare back at me from a shrunken face.
Remaining human was rare unless one hailed from a purebred human family, but hybridization was even rarer. Rarer still was the hybridization of races as estranged as mine; a Demon Angel is more common than me, but as a Zombie Angel I can tell you I felt better than I ever had in my whole life.
This was good... oh this was very good; better than I could have hoped. I had liked the idea of being a Zombie. It seemed to fit me and not many people paid much attention to Zombies, but an Angel Zombie hybrid would turn some heads. All the benefits of both races, the regality of Angels and the animosity of a corpse. At least, that's what I hope anyway.
Weather that would prove to be the case or not I had to get away fast. Colleges are a place for humans who haven't yet or wont turn into one of the other races to study to be able to get good jobs and lives. I no longer fit into that category, as an Undead Angel didn't need this place.
You see, I haven't told you the full story so far, out of the races that matter Demons are the majority power and Vampires are the majority in sheer numbers, if we include the pure humans, however, they outnumber even the Vampires. Thankfully they have very little rights outside of a few human sanctuaries like this college.
Meaning two things:
1. I have to leave this place as soon as possible.
2. I have to find a place I am welcome to hunt and live, or possibly join a humanitarian liberation army.. probably the first half.

(I hope this introduction gets good reception, if so I will continue.
Comment, tell me what you think, how you think I should go about continuing as well as which of the races you want to see more of soonest)


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