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Chapter 1

:P here goes...

You may have been under the impression that you were killed by some other person... alas that is not true, you get to die a brilliant death, written and illustrated by me, highly helped by the drastic mood of your profile. Soon your organs will be the ones hanging from the tree, dripping with toxic-tasting blood tainted with the sour aroma of sulphur and lemon juice. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you will be killed differently; perhaps you will be killed by an explosion set off by a bomb.

Or, I could just shoot you and get it over with, because this is really freaking me out, and I'm kinda worried, and I think I probably shouldn't be playing this game, but anywho...

So, here's what I thought. I have to write this halloween horror story-ish thing, and I'm like, completely out of ideas, so, hey, why not kill Nera with it too?! :D

Not my best idea... -_- I mean... I'm actually really nervous right now... like not writing part, but your reaction... I've seen enough of you and GG's battles to be a little nervous. Like, your last idea? Human corpse pies, sold in a pie shop?! Brilliant, I mean, but you two...

Okay, here goes, allons-y, vamanos, 行きましょう, låt oss gå, ајде да одиме, and all that rubbish. I hope you... like it? I guess? XD that doesn't even make any sense...


The end, the end, the end. whispered the wind, distinctly heard over the rumbling of cars. She perched, poised on the roof of a black toyota, frowning slightly.

In her hand was her phone, which was jingling with the rhythm of The Tea-Time Song by the Pastels, a horrible song, which was only remotely appealing because of its title. It also happened to be her ringtone.

On the bright screen, a text from an unknown number blinked at her urgently. The Roof. Behind you.

Almost like a summons.

She looked furtively up, sliding her feet down the windshield and narrowing her eyes against the dimming sunlight. The tall building behind her loomed in a dark, slightly threatening way, but there was nobody at the top. Nobody that she could see, at least.

She frowned again, slid off the toyota, and disappeared into the building.

It was dark and musty smelling in there, with the slight scent of red wine souring the air. She coughed and flipped a switch on the wall that did nothing. Another that turned on a single, dim lightbulb hanging from a string in the centre of the ceiling, illuminated the dark room ever-so-slightly.

In the corner of the room, a long desk stood, with lots of jars littering the top. Empty jars, too, except for one, which had a murky, bloodred substance barely filling a centimetre up.

In the other corner, there was an elevator, with a note taped to the silver doors. Two long strides brought her to the elevator, and close enough to read the crudely written note that was scribbled in the clumsy hand of a child.

Don't look up. it read.

She frowned, pushed the button, once, twice. The elevator let out a noisy, warbled ping! and the doors slid open easily.

The interior of the elevator was far better kept than the rest of the floor, with red-velvet seats lining the sides, and mirrored walls that she could clearly see her own face in, three times over. Self-consciously tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, she entered the elevator slowly, with the note crumpled in her hand. Don't look up.

The door closed as soon as she set a foot on the carpeted mahogany floor, and she jumped to avoid getting the hem of her long black coat caught in the door. There were no floor buttons in the elevator. She'd barely formed the words oh crap in her head before the elevator started moving up smoothly.

After far too short a time, a cool voice announced, "The Roof." She swallowed slightly, but refusing to lose her calm demeanour.

Stepping out onto the hard, dirt-encrusted rooftop of the building, and squinting against the weak sunlight, she scanned the roof.

"Nobody's here." she said aloud, her voice ringing across the rooftop, rolling off the sides of the roof and echoing around the silent world.

A few steps brought her closer to the edge, where she peered down. All the people, from twelve floors up, looked small, insignificant. Like little dolls.

She grinned and mimed squishing a townsperson through her fingers. This was what it felt like, at last! This was what it felt like to be god, to have the power of death and destruction at your fingertips.

She didn't realise that the people were getting larger, and larger, bigger, and more realistic, until she looked up. The sky was so far away, and she could see a child's devious face blinking at her.

The brown-haired girl waved cheerfully from above, a farewell gesture, and the next thing she saw was the sky, blinding her, and she was far from being a god.

Don't look up.

It'll just hurt.


So, ha! XD Goodbye Nera! >:) And I hope you all liked the story... it was like a really fast, "flash fiction" as you'd call it, I just thought it was cool. :P

From, Lily the Awesome. :D


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