About you Assignment(4409) (Due Date Changed, please read.) UPDATED

Please look at my club guide to know how to submit an assignment.

By the way. This is only a pre-assignment. The real club doesn't start until January 1, 2015.

Date sent out: (10/7/14)

This story is due 11/1/14. If you want to, you can turn it in early.

Chapter 1

About You Assignment

Write about you. You can write anything you want. Some things that I do want you to add if you want to are eye color, hair color, age, personality, stuff like that.)

Please also look at the guide to see how to submit an assignment.

For everyday early that you turn in your assignment, you will get 10 extra points. Plus full points for turning it in.

Everyday late, you get -1.5 points. (If you have an excuse please let me know. Don't lie.)


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