My Woes

Chapter 1


The exclamation point on intro is completely unnecessary...

So, anyway, welcome to My Woes. Now, these aren't sad things. It's just things that get to me. They're not really rants, either. Some of them may be rant-like, but in most of my rants(which I have given up on) I try to send out some kind of message to readers about actions of people that bother both on here and in real life. So, yeah. Here I'm just going to talk about the woes of a teenage girl(which would actually be a better title. don't be surprised if i change the title to that. it seems more fitting but i just thought of it. i really should start planning these things out before i type them. I should also start using consistent capitalization. oh Well!) So, you can just read the first one to get a sense of what they will be like. I will try to update this when I have time(so, basically on the weekends and absolutely never on Tuesdays).

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