Natasitsa's Repost Book (chapter 18: AVENGERS!)

As requested by my beloved friend, Muzzle, I'm making a repost book! I've never ever made a repost before, but I guess it'll be fun. Enjoy :3

Chapter 1

The 'ABC About Me' Repost

by: Natasitsa
Created By: Unknown
Reposted By: Muzzle

Available: I'm not sure what this means but I'm always available to talk to Quibblo users. You can message me anytime :3

Birthday: June

Crushing on: Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. He's my fictional crush... I don't have a real one right now.

Drink last had: Cold water.

Easiest person to talk to: My best friend from school, Muzzle (yes, Jessica, talking to you is awesome), JaelinK, pinkpanther88... Well, all my Quibblo top friends, to tell the truth.

Fave song: My all-time favourite is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga but my current favourite is Burn It Down by Linkin Park.

Giggling: That's mainly what I do. I'm really shy and instead of talking, I just giggle. XD

Hometown: Greece (Not mentioning my town).

In love with someone: Uh, no.

Justify your personality: Well, I'm extremely introverted and withdrawn. I'm pretty sensitive and can get hurt a little bit too easily but I don't show it; I bottle up my feelings. I have been told I'm reasonable, witty and intelligent. I'm anxious and quite restless though.

Killed someone: No.way.

Longest car ride: I think...5 hours?

Milkshake flavor: I don't really drink milk-shakes but I like chocolate ones.

Number of siblings: I have one younger sister.

One wish: To gain self-esteem, be recognized and become a writer. Wait, that's three wishes! :D

Person that called me last: One of my friends called me about an hour ago about homework stuff.

Quibblo Content: I mainly make personality quizzes and surveys. I've also made several polls, a few questions and one or two scored-quizzes. I've only uploaded a few stories-mainly fan-fictions and no group/chain stories.

Reason to smile: Witty and funny jokes, sweet quotes, seeing the people I love being happy and accomplishing things. (Well, I guess the last one is my main reason to smile and I should have put it first, but who cares!)

Song that I last sang: I don't sing xD

Time I woke up today: As it is Saturday, I woke up at 9:00 a.m.

Underwear colour: White.

Vegetable: Carrots. I'm a rabbit ^_^

Worst habit: Hmm... I guess that I don't brush my teeth for enough time.

X-rays done: Er, what?

Years living where I live: Fifteen.

Zodiac sign: I'm a Gemini. As for Chinese Zodiac, I'm a rabbit.

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Ntsh Krvl

Color I wear the most: Blue and black.

Favorite thing to do: Difficult to choose... I love writing, listening to music, quibblo-ing... I think fan-girling is my all-time favourite thing to do though, especially Harry Potter fan-girling.

Favorite class in school: Creative writing, Literature, Biology and Social Studies.

When do I go back to school: I'm already at school, it's October.

Am I dating anyone: No.

Can I dance: I don't know. I used to do ballet, but that's quite a long time ago. Now, I enjoy dancing to pop song but it's really amateurish.

Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Never tried this before.
Whistle: I wish I could.
Cross my eyes: I can do this but my eyes hurt every time I do.
Curl my tongue: Haha, that's my speciality! curls tongue

Temperature outside: 21 Degrees Celsius. Pleasant :)

Cried over the opposite gender: Um, I really don't know. I've been sad about some things but never actually cried over them.

Do songs make me cry: Almost. I manage to hold back tears.

Height: I'm quite short, 1.55m.

Kissed someone: Nope.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed :D

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