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Click on the third chapter for a free item

Smells like the only Nirvana song you know

Chapter 3

The Irony

by: FerSure
So, talking with another user a couple of hours back, I realized something: my username is ihateVEGETABLES... ironically, I'm now a vegetarian.

Let's get this straight: things change, and people change, even if it's hardly noticeable. During my time on Quibblo, I feel like I've gone through lots of personality changes: first came the embarrassing emo/scene phase, then the awkward "I'm so randumm!1!1" phase, the "potato phase" we don't talk about that one and around 2013 there was the depressive, self-destructive phase where I was just plain mean to everyone...

So, three years later, here's me in a nutshell: I'm one of the "cool kids" even if I never feel like it: I'm a cheerleader, my best friend is a stereotypical gay boy (and there's nothing wrong with that, Michael is the best!) andd get ready for the real shocker my favourite colour is pink. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same nerd I was: I'll fangirl if I hear a P!ATD or FOB song played in public, I love AP Calc and AP Physics C, and I still loathe shaving my legs.

At the moment, I'm in the process of applying to universities, so please understand that I won't be able to come online often! Like I've already said, feel free to ask for my kik, snapchat, email and/or instagram.

Also, if any of you actually enjoy reading my stories (I suppose there's not many left of you, but a girl can hope) PLEASE PLEASE feel free (or obligated) to bug me and make me finish it. Regarding the sequel to She Never Was and Never Will Be, Never Sleep- Never Die, Vic, my co-author, has informed me that they will not be able to continue writing so if you want me to finish the story, just tell me, otherwise its publication is momentarily canceled.

Anyways, you can also find me on Wattpad as alekmibff, I also have a twitter... although I never use it. I just wanted to say thank you, if you actually took the time to read this garbage, and sorry for filling your inbox with pointless rants. Please message me if you read this, I currently only talk to like two quibblonians, even though I have 700+ friends. I promise I won't bore you, but I might scare you away with my spontaneous questions :)

DISCLAIMER: Offer in story title only lasts while supplies are available. Only applies to US citizens over the age of 18, born on February 30th. Call 1-800-420-6969 for a free consultation. Potato is not for everyone, consult your doctor if you're under 45, pregnant or suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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