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Click on the third chapter for a free item

Smells like the only Nirvana song you know

Chapter 2

Project: Revive Quibblo

by: FerSure
Let's face it: we all know, for a fact, that Quibblo's going through dark times. Few users actually come online, and a story only needs 5 reads to be listed under "recently popular." Now, I've been using Quibblo for around 4 years now, and it is really a shame that so many users are abandoning the website. I feel it is my duty, as a Quibblo user, to give back to the website that got me into writing, helped me learn English, and also allowed me to meet my current best friends (shout outs to Nikki, Ally, Nat, Liz, Lizzy, Shannon, Natasha and others!)

While we all look back to the age of "EstherRoxie" as one filled with useless spam, I realized, not long ago, that it was one of the best years of Quibblo. Esther somehow managed to keep the page active, and I think that's admirable. I mean, do any of you remember "We are Quibblonians?" (for those of you that don't, it was the YouTube channel she made for Quibblo).

Anyhow, I'd like to bring back all of those things. Promote the page on your Facebook, talk about it to your friends, make videos telling people how good it is, etc. My point is, do whatever you want, because we need the old Quibblo back!

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