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If you read my last question thing and want to know more, read this.

Chapter 1

I am engaged.

So I wrote a question thing saying that if you wanted to know what was up with me to check out my profile. And to pay attention to my nickname and About Me. This is a response to some of the comments I got on it.

Yes, I am engaged and I couldn't be happier. It happened Tuesday night. We talked on Skype til like 4 in the morning that night. There was a lot of laughter and tears. I won't say who cried though. cough cough bothofus cough cough I'm wearing a ring that I have until he and I can meet and he can give me my actual ring. I love him more than anything and I'm very happy. We both are. Nathan is my soul mate. Hurt him and I'll hurt you. Just saying.
So yeah. I'm engaged!


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