I Never Thought That I'd Say This (A Message To My Friends)

Chapter 1

Hi Guys

I left Quibblo for about a week. I know that that isn't a very long time, but here's the thing...that was never really my intention. I didn't just one day decide that I needed a quick break. If you know me well, then you know that I'm on Quibblo like all of the time, and me not being on Quibblo is a bit strange. Well, here is what I never thought that I'd say:

I don't have time for Quibblo. It's true now. Last year I didn't have that much homework and I had a ridiculous amount of study halls. Sometimes, I even had extra time in those study halls to write poetry! I miss that time, I really do but it's not coming back and all I can do now is continue to move forward. Before you comment, (if you were planning to) know that I AM NOT DELETING MY ACCOUNT. I'm really not going to do that. I just may not be extremely active on Quibblo, which isn't that big of a deal since nothing is really happening on Quibblo right now(don't deny it, it's true).

And to all of my writers for Power of Pain, I have some news that you may not be too happy about. I'll out an invite for the notice(just to those writers, don't worry people, I'm not going to send out this mass invite for something that is completely irrelevant to all of you).


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