Listen Up

Listen up guys. I have something to say and I want to make sure I'm perfectly clear. Not listening to this and going against what I say will result in me going full blown Hells Angel on you.

Chapter 1


So, as some of you may or may not know, Nathan: Natepowers08 and I are in a relationship. We love each other very much and we've finally gotten to talk via Skype. We talk every night and end every call with 'I love you'. He's my everything. I would die for him and I will do anything to protect him. That being said, here's the main point of this thing. If you mess with him ''at all'', I will become your worst nightmare.
These are the things I consider messing with him:

Trying to hurt him
Trying to cause him pain in anyway
Make fun of him
Calling him names
Anything else that can be considered harassing him.

You mess with him, you mess with me and the last thing you want to do is make me mad. I may seem like a total sweetheart most of the time but NONE of you have seen me mad. I can go from a sweet girl to a living nightmare. You know how they say in the mob movies "I have my ways." or "I have connections."? They aren't the only ones.
Don't mess with Nathan. If you want to mess with someone, holds arms out I'm right here. Come get me.
Hope I've made myself clear.


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