Suck It

Chapter 1

Suck It

by: x_i_am_x
Now this ones for someone very very special,
I don't know her name,
But I do know her game.

You don't like rhymes about reproducing,
You don't like the stuff that I'm producing?
I'll drop my trousers just for laughs,
Where to next, your bed or the bath.
And once I'm done with you,
Your friends will feel it too.
See they'll like it, the naughty boy,
Open legs, it smells like koi.
I warn you darling, do not sneeze,
Or you'll have Lucifer, now to please.
I don't trust girls with a cold,
But I won't do as I'm told,
So darling just suck it,
Suck it till it's dry,
Keep on sucking, oh,
Make a grown man cry.

Haha, f#ck you.


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