Broken Society (poem)

I had an angsty day.

Chapter 1

Broken Society

Dying young to party hard
Cut your wrists and leave a scar.
Hate is preached and love is for liars
In a world fueled by selfish desires.
Adults are marrying to get divorced
And adolescence is spent being forced
Onto kids who’re taught to fear failure
And submit to the cruelties of human nature.
Or risk being outcast by our collapsing society
Where people are idolised for their notoriety.

For the outsiders, prejudice is a common theme
But the world seems to care about other things
So the media focuses on what we call “fame”
And setting unreal standards but never taking the blame.
Even though the brokenness of the world is clear
No one wants to admit to the fear
Of realising that at the core
Nothing is worth fighting for.
No one wants to admit to something so obscene
As being just another cog in a broken machine.


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