The Pakistani revolution

The Pakistani revolution

Chapter 1

The Beginning Of Things.

Corruption, murder, r@ppe was once something very normal in our country. There was no awareness. Murderers, rapists and the corrupt were all declared not guilty with the power of money. It is still happening, but now there is a change. People do not accept it, they want justice. They want good education, law and order, health and most of all peace. And people have found hope. They have found Imran Khan, a brave leader who who has taken a step against these currupt politicians and is now leading a revolution.
This movement is called the "Azadi March". Azadi stands for freedom. Almost 200 000 people have gathered in the capitol, Islamabad, in front of the parliament and have been sitting over there for at least 34 days. In these days weather has been very upset. Sometimes it rains so heavily and gets cold. But suddenly a hot fierce sun turns up. Even after these conditions, the people are sitting there and their hopes are high as ever. They demand the resignation of the Prime Minister who came by rigging (casting illegal votes).

There is another man, Tahir ul Qadri, who is on the streets with his own people. The crowd in his march is also massive. He is also a leader who i truly am inspired by. He talks of the rights of the minorities and religious freedom (The first man ever in our history to do so). They have been sitting in the same area for 36 days and their hopes have also not faded. In may, the government had killed 14 workers of his party and 90 were injured and some are also still missing. These people demand justice.

Pics of the marches and people:
Imran Khan

Tahir Ul Qadri

Azadi March (Imran's protest)

Tahir ul qadri's protest:

I tell you all this so you guys can pray for this mission to succeed. Please spread the message.
Thanks for reading. ^-^


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