The wingless butterfly

The wingless butterfly

Lydia Reynolds is a councellor at the busy mental health establishment called Arndale. With a new healed paitent leaving her office after months of sessions, Lydia looks forward to her next paitent. But Lydias next paitent is beyond healing and Lydia finds herself in a vicious circle of sadness, anger and emotions that are so out of control. Theres only one way to set her paitent free but Lydia can't give up.

But one of them has too...

Chapter 1

Preface: poem.

I want to be your friend.

I want to be your friend
for ever and ever.
When hills are all flat
and rivers are all dry,
when the trees blossom in winter
and the snow falls in summer
when heaven and earth mingle-
not till then will I part from you.

The Yueh-Fu.
(Translated from Chinese into English)


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