What The Lord of the rings taught us

These are the only ones I could think of, please comment and tell me if you can think of any more and I'll add them. :)

Thanks too:
Returned for Eomer's, Gollum's Boromir's and the Uruk hai's

SwordMaiden for Merry and Pippin's

PheonixSong114 for Gandalf's

emilyelf616 for Galadriel's

LadyMerridell2 for Eowyn's, Bilbo's and Sauron's

Chapter 1

The Lord of the rings taught us

1. Frodo taught us to keep going.

2. Sam taught us to be a faithful friend.

3.Gimli and Legolas taught us friendship can be found in the most unlikely places.

4. Aragorn taught us to face our fears

5. Eomer taught us to see the truth no matter what the circumstance.

6. Merry and Pippin taught us to see the jokes even in the darkest times.

7. Gandalf taught us to be wise and never give up.

8. Galadriel taught us anyone can make a difference

9. Bilbo taught us the most unlikely people can become legendary

10. Eowyn taught us not to let who we are limit what we can do.

11. Sauron taught us anyone can be evil, even if you are only a eye!

12. Gollum taught us that we shouldn't keep a simple gold ring that can turn you invisible.

13. Boromir taught us to fight bravely and valiantly to the very end.

15. Saruman taught us how dangerous the lure of power can be, even to the wise.

14. The Uruk hai taught us that we should brush our teeth twice every day!


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