Superhero Group Story Sign Ups

Guys there's a transmission coming in!

Chapter 1

Incoming Transmission...

Baklsnxiwb160471vdjxb1ga793bkdofnmjs37302gdk ......

Bzz Is this thing Bzz working? bleep bloop Hello?... Oh good.

Ahem.. Attention offspring of superheroes, S.H.I.E.L.D. And the world needs help.

I know that the Justice League offspring don't think we're right for them but just hear me out. My name is Nick Fury Jr., mostly called Junior. My dad needs help from you guys. Any superhero at all, we need help, your parents won't help this situation so don't go asking them if they could go. We need kids, specifically eight. Anyone will do whether it's a well known superhero or a barely known superhero. Mutants, Aliens, Actual People, or just your everyday superheroes will do. There is an evil force taking over.

Oh I gotta go, please help.

Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop Back to regular transmission

You heard the guy people! Any superhero offspring will do. So here's the template:

Superhero Name:
Son/Daughter Of: (make it believable i.e. Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Catwoman, Iron Man and Pepper Potts)
Age: (12-18)
Appearance: (Somewhat like Parents)
Personality: (Somewhat like how their parents were when they were still in business)
Clothing: (everyday clothing)
Supersuit: (Slightly like parents)
Super Powers: (Like Their Parents)
Love Interest:

Sorry I made it long.


Name: Webster Parker
Superhero Name: The Spider (Spider for short)
Son of: Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Green eyes, short red hair, average height, average build, and average weight.
Personality: Witty, Comical, and loves puns much like his dad. He likes to sleep upside down for some strange reason.
Clothing: Red hoodie and blue jeans. He wears dark rimmed glasses and black sneakers. He wears a black backpack.
Super suit: He wears the body part of his costume under his clothes and the mask and gloves are kept in his backpack. His costume is a lot like his dad's but instead of red it's black.
Super Powers: Everything his dad has except Spidey- sense which went to his younger sister who will not be joining them.
Love Interest: TBD
Other: Mary Jane and his younger sister thought it wasn't a good idea for Webster to join the group to help but Peter had been overly thrilled.

I need 7 other authors. Please don't say that your character was Robin or something because that's kinda unrealistic because they should be retired. Tech will be made better so feel free to say you have a hover-board or something. If your parent was the superhero don't say you're an orphan because I want the parents to kinda mentor them. If they have siblings then have the other sibling have the normal parent's gens if they have one. If I see two characters that I like but have the same superhero then I might make them siblings.

This won't be a first come first serve thing. I'll give you 5-7 days to write or I'll skip you unless there is a reason, if I need to skip you 3 times then your character will be killed and replaced unless there is a reason. Yeah so any superhero will do.

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