Characters for Project Solstice

Chapter 1

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Name: Nathan
Nickname: (none)
Age: 16
Enhancment: [strength]
Secondary/passive ability: (thick skin/toughness)
Personality: Brave, impulsive, generally quiet, but will speak up if something needs to be said, strong-willed, won't be easily convinced/ talked into something, has trust issues, but is fiercely loyal to those he trusts, can come across as cold, but underneath his rough "armored" exterior personality, he is a great friend and will always stand up for his friend. Finally, he hates running from a fight, even if horribly outmatched, but will see the logic in running if necessary.
Appearance: Medium/short length dark brown hair, slightly tan skin, medium athletic build, 5'7'', 150 lbs, cargo pants, gray t shirt, black running shoes, scars all over his body, mainly chest, back, face and arms
Love interest: Aislin

Name: Aislin (pronounced Ash-lin)

Nickname: Ashe, from her first name. She prefers people to call her by her proper name, Aislin, however, and that is what most people would call her, with a few exceptions.
Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old

Enhancement: An invisible third-eye that can see and sense things that normal humans cannot. It also allows her to have perfect aim, especially since she uses throwing knives as her main weapon, along with her seashell bow and jade arrows. The third-eye was caused by overenhancement of her eyes and vision, which already were clear and very sharp. Her vision had always been at a level 2.0, which was unnaturally high. Nobody could explain this strange occurance, except Doctor Thorne.
Secondary/passive ability: Her third-eye allows her to have all sorts of different vision abilities, such as night vision, X-Ray vision, ultraviolet vision and aura vision. On the rare occasions she can see and sense death when it is nearby.

Personality: Aislin is the composed and somewhat mysterious girl who nobody knows the background story of. She is somewhat quiet and she appears to be a cold-hearted girl with an icy and independent personality. She is extremely fierce and loyal when it comes to what she believes in, and she is very determined, not willing to give up when it comes to something that she is passionate about. People think that she is a cold and distant person, but she is very compassionate and emotional inside.
Aislin believes in love, and she longs for someone who can take her heart, but she doesn't want her heart to be broken. She falls in love easily but she always hides it, leaving the impression that she is a cold and independent girl who doesn't need anyone. People think that she has a heart made of ice, and they usually avoid getting on her bad side, even though she isn't the person who would ragequit at somebody. Aislin is a sweet, sensitive girl, but nobody sees that when they look at her.

Appearance: Aislin has long and slightly wavy honey-blonde hair with two rich chestnut streaks in the sides, and has smooth caramel tips. Her eyes are rimmed with long lashes somewhat dark and silvery in colour, and her eyes are a dark shade of cobalt blue specked with what appears to be a mixture of hazel and golden specks. She has a small and straight nose, and her beige tearose lips are slightly thin at the top and somewhat full at the bottom. Her face is angular with a small chin.
Aislin is 5'5 feet tall, quite average for her age, and she is more slim than curvy, with a small chest, somewhat long legs, and barely-there curves. However, it is her face that is considered more attractive and compensates for her body. Aislin usually wears her hair in a tight ponytail, fastened with a golden cord. She barely puts on any makeup, but when she does, she usually adds a very, very light shade of beige pink eyeshadow and some colourless lip gloss to add some shine to her lips.
For her outfit, Aislin usually wears a tearose-pink sports top with long sleeves, and a black leather jacket that ends somewhere below her chest over the top. She wears dark blue, almost black skinny jeans and a pair of black leather combat boots. There are two dragonfly hairclips that clip her side parts back, so it's neat and out of the way. She wears a connection of silver chain bands up her left arm, and a pair of black leather fingerless gloves with the symbol of an ice phoenix on the back.

Love interest: Nathan


Name: Christopher
Nickname: C.J.
Gender: Male
Age; 16
Enhancement: Can calculate and predict outcome of any situation
Secondary/passive ability: Increased strength, speed, and stamina
Personality: Hes a very outgoing, generally nice person. He likes to joke around, but gets serious when needed. Not afraid to do what is needed, no matter what. Thinks very logically, and sometimes seems inhumane. He can be awkward in typical situations, but becomes a natural leader when under stress.
Appearance: Tall, kind of skinny, red hair, pale skin with freckles, brown eyes. 6’, 170 lbs. Typically wears jeans, work boots, white shirt, and old faux leather jacket.
Love interest: Zoey


Name: Zoey
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Enhancement: Speed
Secondary/passive ability: Stamina
Personality: Extraverted and outgoing, she speaks her mind often and will voice her opnions regardless of the consequences. She is not fearless, by any means, but she fears the death of her loved ones more than her own. She will at times struggle with the prospect of killing a human being, regardless of what they've done to her, but most of the time her anger triumphs, if after some hesitation.
She is very practical, and views anything that won't help a situation with disdain- including raillery and sarcasm. She has doubts in anything that cannot be explicitly proven.
Appearance: Wavy jet black hair to her shoulder blades tied back in a low ponytail with ribbon. A purple, fitted, V neck T shirt, black skinny jeans and combat boots. she wears a silver chain with a heart pendant around her neck, and a simple black watch around her wrist. She has dark green eyes and sharp facial features
Love interest: CJ


Name: Rebekah
Personality: A very worried and anxious person. She likes things neat and tidy, and will not stand for blood. She will fret over things that are simple and is very pessimistic. She is not one for jokes or pranks, and is very tense and fearful in a fight. She is honest to the point of rudeness, and fears many things.
Enhancement- 5 senses heightened, so in a way she is like a dog with good eyesight
Secondary enhancement- can see 3 min into the future- thus causing some of-
-her worries
Appearance- scrawny in height and build, dark brown hair blue eyes, wears black leggings and a light grey T-shirt, wears tennis shoes, and a rain coat- just in case. Always carries a backpack full of things for "emergencies"
Love interest: Adam


Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Enhancement: Reflexes (Able to react quicker & bend unbelievably)
Secondary/passive ability: Stretchy
Personality: Laid back, easy to get along with, optimistic with a sunny disposition, charming
Appearance: Black hair, mid-neck length; deep blue eyes; pale light-pinkish skin tone
Attire: White shirt, black jeans, white-grey ADAMI sneakers with matching socks, thick silver chain attached to his pants (Similar to, but thicker:
Love interest: Rebekah


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