Please read: This is a confession, you guys... ♥

Hey, Quibblonians! When I looked at my most recent creation I noticed that it was a while ago. Sorry for not being so active! But that's not the main reason why I'm posting this as a confession post. The truth may shock you... a lot! So, please don't judge me for this, but I think that this is might be what's going on... ~Hayley ~~ ♥

Chapter 1

♥ Please insert a title here ♥

So, the truth. Well, you guys might have noticed that, in my "About Me" section, I put in the quote, "I'm not looking for love, just friendship". And possibly I have mentioned before in our conversations, if you know me well enough, that I don't believe in Internet dating or falling in love through the Internet when you don't even know what the real person is like on the other side of the screen. And there's about a ton more reasons there. It sounds pretty legit so far, am I correct?

Well, screw that, because I think I might have a crush on a fellow Quibblonian!

Exactly! I first came on Quibblo - or just any social media network sites, to be complete honest - to find a way to escape from the real world. Quibblo became my most visited site, apart from Google, which shouldn't count because it's a search engine. I made an account on Quibblo in the first place to create quizzes and polls, and publish my stories. I did not count on meeting so many new friends and being involved in such a fascinating society around me. And I certainly, certainly did not expect to actually develop a real crush on a fellow Quibblonian!

This Quibblonian, I might add, is one of the sweetest, kindest guys that I have ever met, both in Quibblo and in real life. And no, I certainly don't know them in real life, but just what wouldn't I do to make it happen? This Quibblonian has been on here for a long time, so many - actually, most - of you would probably know this person. Although he hasn't created a lot of quizzes or stories, he's a very sociable person and, in all, one of the most amazing guys that I know.

We do talk sometimes, although we haven't talked much recently. Our first conversation was pretty long, but then it sort of died down when I became inactive for a while. But seriously, this Quibblonian is absolutely amazing.

Online dating - you might think I'm paranoid, that I'm stupid, naive, ridiculous. But sometimes you can't control who you fall in love with, who you feel attraction towards. And in my case, you really can't. You probably won't understand it unless you've been through a similar thing yourself. And it's perfectly fine if you don't - I don't really expect you to, anyway, and it's fine if you think I'm stupid for this, because I understand how you feel, and it's okay for me. But note that this is the first time I have developed a greater liking for a guy over the Internet, especially a guy who I don't even know in real life. But here I am...!

The sadder part is this guy has a girl who he really likes. Or, at least, I think he really, really likes. I don't want to get between them and mess everything up, because if I ever did, I would hate myself forever and ever. But I just want to get it out there that I like you, and if you think it's you I'm talking about... message me. Please. I don't want to be stuck in this shadow for the rest of my time on Quibblo. I just want you to know how much I care about you.

I don't expect anything. I don't expect you to have feelings back for me at all. I'm definitely not the greatest girl in the planet, nor am I the prettiest or the nicest, and I'm far from perfect. I'm average-looking, I have an average personality, I'm just your plain Ms. Average. There are heaps of girls who are more beautiful, gorgeous and worth your time than me. The girl that you have fallen in love with is one of them. She is more deserving of you than me. I only wish for your happiness with her, and although I'm not going to lie and that it will hurt me, but seeing you happy will always make me happy, even though we are divided by screens and possibly on two different sides of the world.

So this confession is to tell you that I like you... a lot. More than just a friend, more than just a Quibblo connection. I have feelings for you, and they're real.

I'm sorry if you think I'm ridiculous. I can't help my feelings, or feel attraction towards a certain person. Right now, I truly care about you, and as much as I wish that you will feel the same about me, I can't help but feel selfish all at the same time. You like her, she likes you back. I should back off now.

Thanks for reading my confession. It feels good to get the truth out there.

~ Hayley~~ ♥


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