Quibblo Complaint Movement (original complaint, new name)

Have you noticed?

Chapter 1

Quibblo, get your shi^t together

So surely I'm not the only one that has noticed this.

The'daily' poll. We've been lucky if this is has been changed one a week lately.

And the featured member is nealry always someone who hasn't been active in over a year.

Now, just to get it straight I don't want to be the FM or have my poll in the daily poll, but I just think that for all you people that want to be featured it isn't very fair that Mr Quibblo or whatever the Idiots name is, is paying this little attention to it.

So I ask this, anyone who also thinks that this should be hanged plese repost my story or post a link to it everywhere until we see changes.

Thankyou guys, and again I'm not doing it as a complaint so much, just helping some friends that may want a chance :)

Also, Please if you read can you leave a comment with your opinion. I want everyones :)

Love you all - Matilda


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