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Chapter 2


I stared at the girl Sara Winterson. She neatly printed her answers on her sheet. Mine rested blank. This class was pointless. What the hell is a homininan!? Eh, not that I care.
She was the exact opposite of me. Responsible, smart, sophisticated and a total goody goody. BORing. I liked having fun. Nobody understood me. Especially not those stupid girly girls obsessed with fashion and boys. Boys. Total asssholes. I didn't need them. Not one bit. I was totally fine without a boyfriend having to bring me flowers that would die in a week, or chocolate that would make me sick. Love didn't really exist. And even if it did, I wasn't about to get involved in it. Gross.

I looked over my shoulder to see a girl name Maya Mitchell sitting next to her boyfriend who had his arm around Maya. I looked away wondering what it would be like to have someone always being there for you, someone to hold you tight in your darkest moments. I wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend. I wrinkled my nose. What the hell are you thinking Riley?? You've lived quite a lot of your life alone you can handle the rest.

" Okay. I'm done my paper. Umm... I'm going to hand it in, " Says Ms. Einstein . " Uhhh, Sara right? Can I see ya paper for a second?" I ask. "O-o-okay..."
I start copying of her paper, writing the answers down on mine. " R-Riley? What, what are you doing with my paper? " She asks, swallowing nervously. " Okay, I know you're a smart girl, Sara. So, I think ya can figure out what I'm doing with your paper. " I smile fakely. She looks at me with a puzzled look but also a don't kill me look. " There! Finished. Eww I just sounded excited about school stuff there. " I shiver for dramatic affect.
The bell rings and I have Algebra now. Smirking, I know I'm going to ditch. No way I'm going to walk into a class where there's always a pop quiz on Thursday. I casually throw my paper on Mr. Party Pooper's desk and I walk out of class but bump into Sara. Huh. She seemed in a hurry to get out. What was up with that?

She drops all her books and like usual I don't have any books. She starts cleaning and I hesitate on just walking away but I stop turn around and crouch down to help.
"Oh, uh, I don't need help," Sara stutters. " But thank you. "
I roll my eyes. " I'm not heartless. Actually... Forget what I just said. Sara, to set the record straight I'm helping you this once so maybe ya can quit freakin' flinching every time I blink. Got that? See ya princess. I quickly hurry off slightly regretting what I just blabbed about. I don't usually tell people what the deal is. I like to keep them guessing.
I'm sitting at a cafeteria table, eating my lunch when Josh Anderson came and sat down. Ugh. It's not that I'm surprised. He and his group ditch all the time. Can't say I'll ever get used to him hitting on me though, " Hey beautiful! " He winks and puts his arm around me. " What the hell do you want Josh? " I mutter. I push his arm away and slide down the bench. "Okay babe, I see you want to be alone." He gets up. "Cya later, Hun." He winks at me then leaves.

I twirl my hair around my finger again and again, twirling then letting it slip of my finger. Wow. I never noticed how determined he was. Actually, I kind of liked that in a guy. Wait what!?!? Eww. Not me and him. I don't date. And even if I did... That's like weird. He's on the football team and I'm a weird loner goth kid. I laugh out loud. #socialsuicide. Did I just hashtag? The day keeps getting worse and worse.
" Hey Riley. Whatcha doing? " Asks one of the popular girls. " Your mom." "Oh you're just jealous cause I have a mom!" ...She's dead.
I get up punch her in the face and kick her knees.
She stumbles on her retarted heels. No one talks about my mom like that.
I run out of the cafeteria. Hot tears are welling up in my eyes. They're tears mixed with anger but mostly sadness. I run down the stairs to get to my car and go home. I'm breathing heavily now. FRIG! How many stairs are in the school?!?!? I just finished the second last set of stairs and when I get to the top of the next flight I see Sara sitting on the bottom step doing the social studies homework that was assigned. I stop to catch my breath then go. As I touch the first step, I stumble on my untied shoelaces... And fall.

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